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Anxiety Is A Real Experience

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2 years ago
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Today, I'll be writing about Anxiety. Everyone has it but not everyone are willing to open up or even talk about it.

Anxiety is a feeling of so much fear about something or about the future, nervousness even towards the people around you. Sometimes anxiety is a constant worry about life and everything.

I also experienced so much anxiety in life. First, about planning the future. I am still young but the thought about your future at this age is pretty horrible.

Everyone are told that they must study and get a very nice degree in college so that they won't end up poor. But as to me, I don't know if college thing was meant for me. The truth is my parents cannot afford to send me to college and the thought about people thinking about "quality education will lead you into a better job and eternal good future" frightens everything inside of me.

I told myself that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter whether they have finished studying in a privileged school that leads them into promotion but what matters is that I keep building and looking ways to become a better person. I pray to God and tell him that he will give the path and signs. I know I won't be nothing in life and they may succeed first but it does not matter whether mine is delayed, what matters is the process behind of it.

The second thing that is giving me anxiety is about being that introvert. Like, I cannot even dance and sing in front of people because I have this feeling of being scared that they would laugh at me. I don't really know why it always appear in my mind that way. Those two are just basic in life and yet I'm making them the most big deal in life.

These anxieties I am feeling were never been shared to other people. I don't share them because I don't want people to generalized me of who I am as a person. I actually like making jokes so instead, I want them to focus on this kind of personality instead. God made me introverted but I am still thankful he made a little bit funny person so at least I won't look like a strange and weird at all.

Honestly, despite me being anxious all the time I was still able to make my friends laugh. I don't know but I like making people laugh and I don't care they call me that corny because to me my jokes are funnier.

Making jokes and creating jokes are my escape from anxiety. This is true. When I started making joke of something, my anxiety slowly disappearing and that is why I prefer to make joke all the time. I don't make jokes about mocking people or making fun of someone. I think that was wrong and a way different anymore. I make joke based on experience and about things in life. Sometimes I always laugh, it was effective because it disappears my Anxiety. If you are thinking about laughing for no reason and laughing alone, well it's not what I mean.

What I mean is that I like laughing together with my friends and family whenever there is a joke. I do like jokes. I may be anxious person but at least I have a healthy connection with jokes. They are the one who made me feel better about anxiety. When there is a joke, an anxiety goes away. God is fair enough, he made me anxious but at the same point he made me funny so I think it was balmaced in my life.

If you are feeling like very anxious every minute or you cannot control it, don't forget to seek advices and help from professional. There are many types of anxiety and they can recognize and help you from this.

This is what I can adviced to the people whose anxiety is getting worse day by day. It is not a shame to admit that you are experiencing anxiety. Those people who are not aware of this or thinking you are not normal are actually the people ain't normal. Anxiety is part of life and anxiety should be treated as early so that it won't messed around your life.

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Written by   37
2 years ago
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I am sorry you lived in an oppressed society mindset, which I believe all South East Asians suffer the same fate. I was once too lived in much anxiety, and I still do; but ever since I had my faith in Jesus (sorry I am not apologetic to admit it), concentrating in His goodness for my sake my anxiety is kept in bay. (Most of the time as long as I keep my eyes on Him and not like the apostle Peter who was walking on water and looked at the storms till he began to sink)

This is a common issue to each and everyone of us when we rely things / people around us to determine our happiness, and not with the joy within us that is not harnessed from our own strength but from reconnecting the "lost connection", even though that connection can be disrupted by our own distractions "looking away to other things" (again and again).

I hope this gives you encouragement to look straight to the Truth that can and will set you free from this anxiety.

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1 year ago