Mat Pawluczuk - Who am I and why I'm on! [Introduction]

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Greetings everyone! It's customary for the first post to be an introduction and I intend to follow suit. It's a good way to say hello, connect with the community and also have a nice first post in case someone decides to look at my profile and scroll all the way down to the bottom.

So what can you expect from my posts? First of all technology related topics. I'm a big enthusiast of Virtual Reality (but not the metaverse hype). I'm also interested in BCI, blockchain and generally anything that's potentially disruptive or disturbing.

On the other hand I'm big on travelling and backpacking. It's a bit of my own Yin and Yang. I've been travelling since 2008, visited a lot of places and met a lot of great people.

On my way to Fogo 27.02.2018

Our planet is so beautiful in its diversity. From northern glaciers to Sahara with all the different cultures and various customs. When you travel you also get to interact with the better side of humanity, at least on average. It's such a shame to see all of it dissolve. I'm talking about climate change but not only.. which is why I also have great admiration for all sorts of activism that disrupts the status quo and challenges existing power centers. You can expect some articles in that regard as well.

In front of Belmarsh 07.09.2020

There's a lot of reasons why I see blockchain technology as a way to help preserve information or at least give us a shot at attempting to preserve some of it for longer. From book burning, to destruction of the Mosul Museum to something as mundane as Joe Rogan deleting his podcasts from Youtube we're constantly reminded none of this is forever. As power changes hands and changes its form - information gets erased, gets edited or gets corrupted. If blockchain and decentralization can be seen as a countermeasures then what's not to like. Obviously other aspects like creator economy, tokenomics etc these are great as well.

If any of this sounds interesting, give me a follow and let's roll!

Thanks and Cheers!

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