Never Be Jealous

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Life is not just what it looks like on the outside.

When there are people who outwardly appear to be affluent, wealthy, stately homes, luxury cars, their lives are not necessarily as beautiful as we think. Maybe the problem is more than us. We are the ones who should be grateful, even though everything is simple, our lives are more peaceful and serene.

When there are people who outwardly seem to be very successful. High position at a young age. All obtained, all grasped. No need to rush jealous and jealous. We don't know what he did to get it. His hard work. We also don't know whether it was all a success or a trial.

Life is not just what it looks like on the outside.

And no need to be busy taking examples from others. We can take an example from ourselves. We all have problems in life. And that can be a lesson. Maybe, in the past when we had nothing, our lives were more calm. Maybe, in the past when it was nobody, our life was more beautiful. Because really, wasn't it when we were little, our lives were lighter and happier? We don't have to worry about other people's judgments, nor do we need to worry about judging other people.

It is very tiring when we measure anything from the outer shell. Especially if you define success in life only from possessions, position, power. Because it's all just a race that will never end. There will always be someone in front of us.

Life is not only seen from the outside.

So there is no need to envy anyone in this world. Ordinary. Don't be dazzled and dazzled. Don't lick and look for the face. Ordinary. And conversely, do not belittle and belittle. Don't be arrogant and arrogant.

We never know the quality of other people's lives. People we think are not successful, just manual laborers, may sleep better than us. Farm workers, maybe their lives are easy to fly like a feather, not crawling full of thoughts. They are not controlled by the world.

They don't worry about losing anything. Meanwhile, we are very afraid that tomorrow the day after tomorrow will be difficult. They don't need to impress other people, while we are busy polishing here and there for the praise of others.

We know each other's quality of life. So hopefully we can keep trying to be happy, not pretending to be happy.

Just make sure, we don't become a burden to others, full of drama, etc. Moreover, hurting other people just for the sake of pursuing the world's version of the definition of happiness. After all, life is simple, whether our life is useful or not for others. And no matter how small the benefits as long as they are done sincerely, the value is even. No need to fight tongues, no need for a lot of arguments, we know what each other's life is like.

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