Learn To Be Whatever But Still Humble

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Being very Whatever is necessary in living this life (hahaha Bu*lsh1t). But that doesn't mean avoiding problems. Don't get me wrong, because the wrong understanding can be messed up. So the very stupid man is more about how you can filter out problems, which ones should be immediately sought a solution and which ones just need to be avoided.

Humans are indeed created callous, there are positive emotions such as feelings of happiness, joy, calm, gratitude, awe, humor and love. It all must be in your life then it must always be maintained in order to always have positive emotions even in bad situations though. There are also negative emotions, well these emotions that we will discuss how to control. negative emotions are feelings of sadness, anxiety, fear, worry, and hate. If we can't control these negative emotions, how do you want your life to be cool.

• Don't overdo it when it comes to loving or hating

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I know that anything that is too much is not good, in any case. Please don't love someone or something too much. It's normal. Realize that someone must have shortcomings, as well as you.

Not everything in him is good, try to think if one day that person disappoints you, you will be down really. It's different if you love him naturally, knowing that he is also an ordinary human being who has shortcomings. That's simple, right? Self love first, dear.

• Do not exaggerate trivial matters

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Surely you have a habit of enjoying sadness. Hmm, me too. It's okay to be sad, it's natural but it's not natural for days. Negative emotions should not be left for long,immediately turn them into positive thoughts. For example, when you get stuck on the road, you automatically get annoyed. Your response I can guess will be angry

"Damn! This is how bad it gets! You're taking a long time to get dressed so it's jammed at this time! I'm annoyed with you!”.

Try to give a different response in your mind like this.

“Waah I can chance a long chat with him/her if jammed like this, just enjoy it".

Well, happy right? So positive emotions right? Try to train yourself to stay positive in bad situations. It takes time and is not easy indeed. But try it!

• Choosing to be friends

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Expand the circle of friends is good, to add relationships and others because we humans are social creatures. Choose a friend in this case is not seen from the treasure or his throne or his appearance, but rather to the character of that person. As with disease, your character or social environment can also greatly infect your personality.

Have friends like to envy people, yaa will eventually follow like him too. It's better to have a few friends but quality than a lot of friends but you don't develop even worse, really dangerous!

As you grow older, you will feel insecure. automatically you will choose which friends can be sevisi and semisi with you, that's what you will defend

• Occupy yourself with positive and productive activities

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If you are busy with positive activities, automatically there is no time for you to gossip about people. Let alone gossip, to just listen to julid an others just do not have time. Just smile bro and sist. That's healthier. There is no time to read hoax news on the internet or in whatsapp groups, you must be observant to see a news story and don't carelessly re-share the news if you don't understand the problem.

Avoid social media comments as well. because once you comment, you will usually be addicted to reply back to the comment because you feel you have not won the argument, for example. Well, something like this is starting to be avoided. It is better to be silent if you do not know 100% of the problem. 1 or 2 or 3 that I can eat, Lol.

Negative emotions are very vulnerable in these social media hoaxes, guys..people are easily ignited emotions and in time will explode BOOOMM!

• Dare to restrain yourself

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You have to have a way to connect with other people. We as social beings should care about each other, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity agree right? Even we should help each other.

Well, restraint here means you have the ability to control the opinions or arguments of others. When you get bad treatment from others, will you be carried away by negative emotions towards others?


Do not like that, guys. Try to train yourself to think more rationally, why would that person do that to me? What did I do wrong? Well those questions you need to answer and consider well before you judge that person's bad.

Who knows if you are wrong or if you are not wrong, just relax. Be wise. Being whatever is very important for various things or problems, both relationships with superiors at work, relationships with partners, family, friends etc.all we can apply and train in ourselves anywhere at any time.

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