Learn Not To Be Irritable

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Living in an open world today cannot be free from criticism. Especially if you are a famous person or simply have a "name", there must be something called fans or haters. Not only criticism in terms of physical, sometimes your attitude also can not be separated from the comments of people.

Actually, input or criticism is also needed for self-improvement. But there are times when you feel offended, even hurt to face it. Especially if at that time you are sensitive or have a bad mood.

For that there are ways that we can learn (and this way works for me) so as not to be easily offended by the actions or spicy words of others, here are some ways you need to do.

  • Think Positively About The Actions Of Others

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The common thing that happens to a person is that it is easy to be prejudiced. So that it is not easy to be offended, do not easily assume negatively about the actions or words of others. Sometimes there are some people who are careless, do not know the truth but emotions come first.

So the solution is to always think positively towards others. Try to always think clearly and rethink the intention behind the person's words or actions. Remember that some of the words of others do not necessarily represent his attitude as a whole.

  • Control Emotions

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Irritability is closely related to self-emotional outbursts. So, in order not to be easily offended then you must be smart to control and reduce emotions so as not to overflow. This can also make you not easily provoked commotion.

It may be difficult to control your emotions at first, but there are many ways to control your emotions. One of them is to switch to more positive things, such as sports or hobbies. Another way is to put forward logic as will be discussed in the next point.

  • Put Forward Logic

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Irritability is a matter of feelings. The best way to reduce it is to use logic. Sharpening logic to be sharper can hit emotions and reduce annoyance.

In addition, criticism or anything else is the path to self-maturation. It would be better to admit that it was your fault. It's not defensive or evasive.

Remember that truth is more important than being right. So if what others say is true and what we do is wrong, then don't be offended.

In addition, by promoting logic, you will also avoid negative actions, such as anger. Think of people who will be affected by your anger and even offended by the attitude you do.

  • Do Not Take Turns

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Instilling into thought that not only you who receive innuendo or criticism from others is one way to not easily offended and avoid sadness. Almost everyone experiences it too, even people we think are almost perfect.

People who are currently successful or motivators, must also feel the bitterness of criticism, even ridicule that offends the mind. So don't worry because there are many other things to think about. Just switch your mind to something more positive and create another activity.

  • Change The Viewing Angle

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Changing the point of view to criticism can be easily done. As mentioned earlier, instill that great people who succeed a lot through failure and bitterness are not just one or two times.

Stick with what you're doing if it's right and in line with your goals. Although many people attack your weaknesses and mistakes, as long as they are good, ignore them.

  • Reduce Stress

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One way to avoid irritability is to reduce stress. Believe it or not, stress can make emotions unstable and feelings more sensitive. So it could be a normal speech fall into criticism that nyelekit in the heart.

Reducing stress can also make a person move quickly to improve himself. Once it falls, then he will move on, plan and live better things towards the goal.

  • Seek Help

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If indeed you have tried to make every effort but still become a sensitive figure or easily ngambekan, then there is no harm in seeking help. You can do counseling or just tell a trusted person.

Talking to people who already know you can make them give advice or help that is more targeted. In addition, you can also contact an expert such as a psychologist.

Another help is to establish a closer relationship with God. Improving your relationship with God can make God improve your relationship with humans.

It could be that your heart has been troubled because you have been ignorant and far from God. When praying, ask to be given patience, spaciousness of heart and clarity of mind. Far from prejudice and also negative thoughts.


Now that was some way to not be easily offended by the words or actions of others. Changing your mindset to a more positive one is the key.

Maintain calm and positive feelings so that it is easier for you to live this life because there will actually be many losses if you maintain an irritable nature.

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