Love Affairs: Blind love #1

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2 years ago

love the say it's blind, I know majority of people are conversant with that normal saying.

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No matter how your partner might be, you'll never count on their bad side , you'll not see all those flaws , even if others despise them, you'll always love them for whom they are and that's why they say love is blind I agree to that.

love is crazy , it's always attached with a strong mental feelings , if you see someone deeply in love, you'll get to see it in their actions because it's not written on the forehead. sometimes I just wish a true Love will be written on the fall head but not possible, love is a strong feeling that should be felt within, that's why you can force someone to love you, it's a feeling that is being developed gradually.

why did you love ?

because of the beauty? it will definitely fade away.

because of her shape? it might change

because of wealth? Nothing remains permanent, it might finish as well.

because of her smile of dimples? which you might not see each day long.

All this thing may be changed, Just love for for the sake of affection, if you'll love , let it be for nothing sake, let it be be for the sake of evermore and eternity.

Build you Lover the way you want them to be, help them through theirs flaws and weakness, no one is perfect, you just have to make them look perfect and you'll forever live a life filled with happiness.

I'm going to use this story to back up everything you read , trust me, you'll find it interesting

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The story line......

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Fred was going through his phone on social media, as he was surfing the media he was attracted by her lady , she was very chubby and that was the kind of girls Fred like. He immediately added her on his list so as to chat her up.

It's been two days that Fred sent her a message without reply, and he wondered what might be the reason, " after all I'm a good looking guy that all ladies will love to have as spouse, buy why did she not answer me?" Fred ask himself.

The third day, as he was glancing through his phone, a massage piped in , and behold it was the girl message.He looks so ecstatic, then he chat her up

Fred: Hello the beautiful one

Girl : hi

Fred: how are you doing?

Girl: I'm fine, and you ?

Fred: I'm fine. please can I know you?

Girl: yeah, you are free.

Fred: your name?

Girl: I'm jacy , and urs?

Fred: wow! what a beautiful name for a beautiful lady like you, anyway , I'm Fredrick by name , but you can call me Fred.

Jacy: nice one, so fred where do you stay?

Fred: Nigeria

Jacy: wow! that's so amazing , I stay in New York, but from Nigeria.

Fred was very happy that jacy was a Nigerian , she looks so pretty, and at the end of the chat they shared each other contacts.

And as days goes by , a day will not pass without calling each other on phone , but something always eat up his mind about jacy , and it was because of all the adornment she always wear on her nose and lips, " will my parents ever accept her as a wife ?......... be continued.

hulalaπŸ˜‹, I hanged you in the air, i just decided to give you some short part of the story.

you'll start wondering, will she end coming to Nigeria?

you'll also be thinking if Fred will continue with her because of what her parents will say.

just watch out for the part 2 , will be published very soonπŸ‘Œ

thanks for reading.

and always remember that...



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2 years ago


I thought it's your story sponsor! Love for me means acceptance. You know when it's love if your partner accepts all your imperfections. Looking forward for part 2. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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2 years ago

Love is a feeling you feel when you feel you are feeling a feeling like you have never felt before. Love is not blind, it ignores. Can't wait for the second part...

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2 years ago

Jacy? Sounds like MaryJacy. I hope there is no link between the writer and the story. Well, Fred like chubby ladies what some other guys won't go for. Internet love, hmm. I hope that the love that bound them doesn't break because of distance. Or free doesn't get disappointed when they eventually meet, when he discovers she is not as beautiful as she appears on the social media.

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2 years ago

Errrrrrrrrr, it's 100% fiction, not real, not connected to writter at all... hehehehe πŸ˜† I still remain MaryjacyπŸ˜‰

You're right, majority of guys don't love chubby girls but Fred case was different, there are still some internet relationship that works out well and some the other way round, but the important thing is that, will she have the same love for her when he see her physically???

Still on that...

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2 years ago

Hahaha Love is blanders of many thing i loved no one but i knew the feelings of love,this is very interesting article you right their to love with smile,character, personality or wealth

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2 years ago

The feelings of love is beyond more than we can think of, it will reincarnate the heart to the person you have affection for, no matter what, you'll always love the person unconditionally.

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2 years ago