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When we hear the term fulfill, what comes to our intellect? It might be to put into effect or attain a goal you set for yourself, but now, I'm going to write about financial fulfillment, because it is a situation whereby you are able to live your best financial life in essence.

However, I'm going to emphasize more on what is meant by financial fulfillment. It is a condition where you carried out what you want to achieve in life because you're in control of your finance. It is a state of mind that enables us to live up to our financial commitment by making a decision based on our finances to make the best life development. Where you'll be tomorrow depends on the decision you make today.

There is some way you can be financially fulfilled, let's dive in...

clarity: The most significant step towards financial fulfillment is to find out goals and resources in the sense of knowing what you want to plan for since you know where you are going, the next thing is to have the understand how financial desires can be applied to your current resource. Sometimes our goals can change, that's why flexibility is important when building our life plan as this will help to change strategy when we need or want.

  • control: we can impose control on our path to financial fulfillment once we know where we are and the support we need to take us to where we are going. Working with our financial start will be good at this point since we are getting what we want with what we have.

  • Intention: Untimely, where we want to be is living with our finance intentionally, it not enough just to be in control while working through our long-term life goals, what we want becomes obvious then we will not feel like "we don't have enough" or depriving ourselves to achieve our long-term success.

This is also the stage where will realize the risk we are taking financially, then look for a way to adjust in other to see a quick result. You are doing this because we have overriding goals that are rooted in the existence of our financial lives but not because we have reckoned through all possibilities. The intimate way we can get a "perfect" financial life is by living with intention.

What happens when we live intentionally? Because life will automatically get in the way at this point.

  • financial options are very technical and can be boring in nature too, we have to know the knowledge about some other industries with their historical performance and it will require a great deal to know about the taxes.

  • Even if you have a specialized degree in finance, none of the nitty-gritty ins and out of finance are thought in school, you'll have to think on how to go about it.

  • our parents don't know much more about this, if they do, most times they are not interested in discussing financial failure with their kids, so there's no way we can learn from them.

  • the world finance sounds like a taboo to some people in our society, and we tend not to discuss it with our friends, and even when we try, we might not get a helpful conversation.

  • The financial community has inducements that can probably work against you, that's the worse of all. Even "financial consultants" are investment product salespeople in the facade. And this is endorsed by the regulatory system that presides over them, and that's how it has always been.

So to this effect, in the weeds of financial ideas or advice, it is easy to get lost. If you should flashback to any financial conversation you have, it will seem to fluctuate around a trivial scheme, in the vast scheme of things and might end up not making any difference, but can make a difference to wall lane because they get settled when you make a change to your finances but not when you move toward financial fulfillment.

Now it's up to you....

So I will love to ask how you feel now about financial fulfillment, since you now have the knowledge on how to make it happen, your response would be better or great. I believe is what everyone can do but always remember your first step to financial fulfillment, which is to clarify your goals, resources, and protocols.

Thanks for your time .
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