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Is there darkness in the soul?

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8 months ago

Thank you for existing! Life is simply beautiful, so I always start with this phrase, perhaps very trite, but we must always give thanks for having one more day of existence and do our best to build a better world every day.

Since my presentation post, which I invite you to read if you want to know me a little more, I was thinking about what I could talk about in my second post, something like to break the ice and see from the beginning about the kind of things I like to tell, so I decided to start talking about the darkness of the soul and its effects on us, to start.

The darkness in my soul?

Well, although very few people admit it, all people have a luminous side and a side in the shadow, we can define it as virtues and defects, the face we show to the world and the one we hide, we all have those two currents circulating within us as part of us, they make up our personality and feelings, they define many of our actions, our perspective of vision of the world and our structure of reality.


We have a habit of denying our dark nature, for reasons of social beliefs, religious, rules of behavior that tell us that showing the world our best face will make others accept us very easily, being necessary to fit into the rest of society. However, when we accept this, we sign a contract if we read the fine print, where we are not told what happens to that darkness when we do not let it "go for a walk" from time to time.

An old master explained it to me this way; "When we do not assume our own darkness it is as if we locked a wild foal in a stable, while it is locked nothing happens, but the inside is looking for a way out, studying space, looking for weaknesses, waiting for the precise moment to escape. When it finally manages to do so, it generates chaos where it passes, while we can only see the disaster it causes because it is stronger than us and we cannot stop it."

When we hide our dark feelings, such as anger, for example, when we contain it becomes anger, sadness becomes depression, when we hide our desires, it becomes obsessions and so an endless amount of conflicts that we could avoid by recognizing that we feel all that kind of thing.

And what can we do?

The first thing is to recognize our feelings and our desires, not before anyone, but before ourselves. We are human, we have strengths and weaknesses, of the latter we are ashamed and hide them, but when we are aware of them and recognize them, we let them express themselves at the time, we free ourselves from an emotional and sentimental charge that hiding it and not expressing it could generate problems in the future, in our relationships and with ourselves.

Weaknesses are not overcome by hiding them, because eventually our consciousness will get tired, causing them to take control. We overcome them by assuming them.

If I am sad, I express my sadness in the moment. I do not hide it or keep it, because breaking inside is more dangerous than letting that feeling out.

If I am upset, I express my annoyance the instant it showed up, I don't hide it so that it turns into anger or anger and at some point, makes my emotional side collapse.

If I want something I express, it is better to manifest your desires openly, even if they cannot be fulfilled, than to feed them in silence and make them become an obsession.


Most of the conflictive situations in our lives are always related to repressing something that should flow naturally. We have to take responsibility for our life, for our conscience, for our feelings and desire, because they will invariably have consequences, which will adjust to the way we handle them.

But we'll talk about that more deeply in future posts.

 Well dear readers, I hope this content has been to your liking. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments.

 ... and thank you for existing!!

Translation of my article in Spanish. To read in the original language go to the following link

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Written by   5
8 months ago
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