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I wasn't able to post anything recently because I was away for a week. I attended an educator's convention in Odiongan, Romblon. On the side, I also enjoyed a few days of destressing. I had a quick dip at Looc Fish Sanctuary and a tour around Tablas Island. It was a very much-needed break from the toxicity of work, social media, and adult responsibilities.

I might share some of my Romblon stories some other time. For now, I would like to write about my thoughts on the upcoming elections which will commence a few hours from now. Today is a calm before the storm. Tomorrow, we will make history, again. 

I have witnessed people losing their cool and decency because of politics. I knew people who severed long-time friendships just because of political preferences. It's a sad reality, and in several instances, arguments have blown out of proportion. This exposed the best and worst of us. We are a nation polarized by political colors. 

By now, I'm sure most of the voting Filipinos have made up their minds about who are they going to vote for tomorrow. As for me, I already have a mental list of the names I'm going to bank my hopes for. And here are some of my considerations for choosing:

I will vote for someone whose values align with my moral and spiritual beliefs.

I acknowledge that not all of them are perfect and have flaws in themselves. But with what I can research and what I can infer from various sources available on the mainstream media and documented reports, I can make an informed decision. My vote goes for someone who aspires full accountability in leadership, values honesty and integrity, and seeks to serve and not to be served. 

I will vote for someone who promotes a positive influence over people

Some campaign promises are too good to be true. Some even border on absurdity. But a true measure of influence is seen in the lives of constituents. As a leader, what positive impact do they give to their constituents? Hope about real change, or mere promises? True leaders inspire people for the better, and not keep them hanging. The people deserve better.

I will vote for someone who treats my vote seriously

I will not vote for someone whose only goal is personal gain. Likewise, I will not vote for someone who buys a vote or history of doing so! I treat my right to suffrage both as powerful and sacred. So when someone offers to buy my vote for a meager amount, that candidate doesn't treat my voting power seriously. It is a glaring red flag that we should be careful of. Vote buying is a sure sign of corruption and an act of trampling on our precious votes. Remember, the right to suffrage is an equalizer. On election day we are equal: the rich and the poor, men and women, educated and the unschooled, urban or rural dwellers. It is our collective power. Don't let unscrupulous politicians trample on your rights - worse, with your consent.

I will vote for someone who will champion my cause as a citizen

Campaign promises are just words. It remains empty until they were followed through and turned into reality when the politician we voted for assumes office. But how can we know? Simple - track record and their history. For lawmakers, I will vote for someone who pushed for significant bills in the past, or for newbies, someone who pushes for agendas that directly benefit the people. For executive positions, I will vote for someone whose track record in leadership reeks of excellence and integrity. 

We are free to vote whom we think is the best suited for the elective positions, but bear in mind that your vote is not just a vote - it is sacred and powerful. It doesn't matter if it's just one vote. Don't belittle that one vote. That one vote is significant. Put your heart to it. Pray for it. Fight for it. As you go out and vote tomorrow, vote for your loved ones and your future generations. 


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