Gratitude Challenge - May

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Time passes too quickly! Here I am again for my round-up of thanksgiving and some of the significant things that happened to me within the month. I look forward to month ends because (ahem, payday), and also it seems like I am closing a chapter and welcoming another! 

This is my own version of a periodic recap! If you want to know about my previous month's thanksgiving round-up, you may read them here:

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Here's how my month went:


I had the chance to leave Manila for a whole week when I was sent to Odiongan Romblon for a convention. I went there via 2Go Ferry. While most people I know are not into sea travel, I don't mind boarding a ferry for long-distance travel, albeit alone. I don't know but I find every Ferry experience relaxing. 

During the convention, I got reconnected with friends and met a few new others - one thing we were deprived of in the past few years because of the online setup of the schools. Nothing beats the joy of sharing meals with people from Luzon to Mindanao, listening to their stories, and exchanging tips and best practices regarding our craft. 

Since I was already on the beautiful island of Odiongan, I made it a point to at least have a glance at their scenic spots. I went to Looc Fish Sanctuary and had a dip there, and had the chance to travel around the Tablas Island before I went back to Manila. 

That travel was a total breather for me. 


For two consecutive Tuesdays, I also attended a seminar/training sponsored by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). It was a facilitator's training for their Strong Families Program which aims to strengthen family ties and help them embrace their responsibilities towards the family and community. 

It was an interesting program, and I fully support their advocacy. I learned that the program was already adopted in several countries, mostly third-world like the Philippines, and it brings results. I look forward to its full implementation in our community and how I can be of help with the training I received from them. 

Meralco Installation and Grass Cutting

This month, my girlfriend and I became very busy applying for power installation on our purchased unit in Bulacan. While we are still months before we get married and we have no plans on cohabiting until we get married, we are slowly working on the utilities so moving in together will be at ease. Three times this month, I went to CSJDM to submit papers, sign documents, and talk to people. 

Also, just last weekend we went to our unit and sweated profusely as we plucked out the growing grass and bushes in front of our unit. The homeowners association announced that because of the frequent rains in the area, grass sprouted and has grown especially in front of uninhabited units. I bought grass scissors and a mini-shovel, and we plucked out the weeds in front of our future abode. 

Last day of class

The last Monday of the month is also my last class for my Technical Writing and Research class! I have finished teaching one whole trimester! This is a feat for me because this is my first time being a college instructor. As I assess my own performance, I still have a lot of things to learn and improve, but I realized that a huge chunk of being an effective teacher is not just to spit lessons from the textbook, but also to impart yourself to the students. It is a life-to-life relationship.

At last, a few weeks of rest!

How about you, what are you thankful for the month? 

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