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Dear Marky: My fiancee and I are getting married but she just went with another man

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10 months ago

Dear Marky,

My fiancee and I are getting married but she just went with another man. I feel so embarrassed that I wanted to commit suicide but I couldn't. I do not want to hurt my family who is all supportive of me. Do you think there is any hope that I can make up for it? ’Advise me. - Wilfred


Sure, you can still recover. I know the wound you are feeling is still fresh so your chest is still very heavy but you should not think about suicide. You must value life because that is God's gift. Just imagine that so many people are fighting for their lives. So, do not waste for the unworthy person.

I'm sorry if I told you 'your ex-fiancee is not worth it for you to commit suicide. He is worthless. I'm sorry for this word but that's really what I think. Imagine, he does not even have the courage to face you and say that he no longer loves you. He prefers to leave you in the air. It hurts even more if he did that on the day of your wedding.

Oh my God! Is that what he did? Tsk, then you should forget him more. He means, he has no heart. He doesn't even appreciate your feelings. All that matters to him is what he wants and feels. It doesn't matter to him if he hurts the person he loved so much. This is how you think, you are still lucky because he changed his mind before he married you. If you are married and then he or she is unfaithful, you may not think of committing suicide. You may even kill or you may be killed.

It may not be easy to move on but you can definitely do that right away if you turn your attention to something more important. At work, with your friends who want to make you happy, and most of all, with your family who are willing to sympathize with you.

You are lucky and you have a family there for you to support. Do not ignore them. Love them all. Even if the woman you choose to be with for the rest of your life does not support you, you are very lucky and you have a family that supports you. They are your captain at a time when you are hurting and you can no longer think of committing suicide.

Also, in due course, you will also get to know the woman you are destined to be with forever. That said, everyone has a counterpart. If you are destined to be single, accept that. You may be happier when you are alone. Be happy in your life. You can do that when you learn to be content.

Hopefully with what I said I was also able to lighten your mood. If you still love your fiancee, just get rid of the anger in your heart. Then, just wish your ex-fiancee was happy with the man she chose. Hopefully, that man will also think of marrying her.

I thought of making this series for the broken-hearted to have a chance to release the pain they are feeling. So, if you are frustrated with love, it is better to just say a problem here so that I can advise you. I know it will help a lot then to make the pain you feel okay, in this series I will advise you on what I know and experience but the best way to release the pain is to pray and talk to God about what is best for you.

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Written by   20
10 months ago
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