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Why I choose Bitcoin Cash

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5 months ago

During my 7 months in cryptocurrency, I learned and experienced a lot. I have joined many sites, applications, and investments just to make money especially now this year we have experienced hardship, unemployment, and grief because of COVID-19. We not only rely on our work, family, or other people but we use our minds to think about what else can be earned. Whether you are a student, mom, dad, sibling, or whatever, you can be in cryptocurrency as long as you know what you choose and where you can earn fast.

We have met many different people who have become our friends even though they are far from us. Working together, guiding each other, and earning money at the same time. We are like that now!

We have also experienced using various tokens such as Bitcoin, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, and others but we do not know what is better to use because of what we had in mind then as long as we earn enough. But when I entered here on this site where I found out the difference between all these, I also noticed the beauty of Bitcoin Cash, and here I also met the various devs working on Bitcoin Cash.

And Yesterday, I watched one of sir Marc's videos where I was even more inspired by what he said and I learned a lot. This video was 2 years ago but if you watch it, it looks like he just uploaded it on youtube yesterday. I like what he said that we need to choose wisely where he compares reality vs to choosing a cryptocurrency token where we will invest money.

"Is always a good choice the same with girls. It important to choose girls that you like and if you don't like her that's a go, same with the crypto investment you can switch like thing change" -Sir Marc!

Check his Video - @MarcDeMesel

They ask me why Bitcoin Cash?

These are my answer.

  • It is a fast transaction, secure, and has a low fee.

  • You can easily send Bitcoin Cash in any application using bchtip bot in Telegram, chain tip in Twitter and Reddit, Whatsapp, email, SMS, etc. then you can receive it easily and instantly.

  • BCH is accepted at more merchants.

  • There's a lot of devs working on BCH or enthusiasts. They are friendly, generous, willing to help others, and easy to communicate with them. You are in a good environment.

  • I believe BitcoinCash is for the future! It will increase the value of your BCH may be double the value.

  • complete peer-to-peer electronic cash and decentralized.

  • Everybody can use Bitcoin Cash everywhere!

  • There are many sites and applications where you can earn BCH like readcash, lazyfox, etc.

These are the reason why I choose Bitcoin Cash and why I stay in Bitcoin Cash.

Again, Thank you Bitcoin Cash, and Happy Holiday Bitcoin Cash Family!

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Written by   290
5 months ago
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Sorry.. But sir Marc realy like girls 🤣🤣🤣 ✌✌

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5 months ago

I think so sis😅😅!But now, he find a perfect woman😍😍!

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5 months ago