Who Am I? Glad to meet you.

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Who am I?

Glad to meet you!

I wanted to introduce myself as you do here at read.cash. It's hard to think how to start but please bear with me for this time.

I'm Marie Chris. I come from a poor family, my parents are both farmers, and super blessed because they were able to let us finish our studies even if we're poor.

I'm really proud and thankful to my parents because of it. What makes me sad is my mom died at an early age, she wasn't able to witness that I was able to finish my study. And it makes me sad every time I receive my salary. I always think what if she's still alive. I wanted to treat her in fancy restaurants, go shopping and travel with her. But I can't do anything, it's the willingness of God.

Enough for it because thinking of her makes me cry easily. So let's continue.

I'm a permanent teacher already, I'm happily married and gifted with a handsome son and 3 months from now I will be giving birth to our second child. I don't know the gender yet but I'm praying for a baby girl.

My husband is a farmer, we had corn and rice fields. We're living here at my husband mothers  house, we don't own our house yet, and I'm really wishing to have one already, If I was careful enough before maybe we had a house now 

If you happen to read my first article you will know what I'm talking about.

I always look for extra income, browsing the internet, watching YouTube and scrolling at facebook too. But this is the only site that I could say is legit one, noise.cash and read.cash.

Or you can give me some too if you know something just leave it in the comments section. Ok I'm out of my topic again.

Let's continue, actually if you happen to see me personally you might say I'm "masungit" because that's what they always say, when people see me for the first time. Maybe because of my face, I don't usually smile haha, so my face looks really "mataray"😅.

So look at my picture, am I really look mataray yay. I have a lot of mole on my faced but now it's gone already I remove them because they always say that the moles near to my eyes is a bad luck, I will get widowed at early age, that's how they say. Since I'm afraid of it I decided to remove them😍 I hope God won't get angry to me since I remove something on my faced😍

If you think I'm really mataray, of course I'm not that kind of person, don't judge me by my face😅 because I'm a good person too. I'm kind as long as you are. I choose people whom to mingle and trust. I often share story to my colleagues since it will spread😅marites is real.

I often get pressured when I am given a task. I really hate it, so once they give me a task I make sure to finish it that day because It will turn into stress if I don't start or finish it. That's what a life of being a teacher is. We can't say no because that's our work. (I easily get stressed huhu)

At first I didn't feel like teaching, so I work in fast food and I don't really want to apply for a teaching job. But still I took the exam while working, I didn't even review but luckily I was able to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

So I decided to quit my job at the fast food chain, and tried to apply for a different school. luckily I was given a chance to work in one private school. The salary is too small. It's 6,500 pesos only, so I just stayed there for one Year.

I tried my luck in public schools, I applied, went through a lot of process, ang luckily at this time K to 12 is still new and every school needs a teacher. So I was hired but as a contractual. 

But I was happy because even if I'm contractual my salary is still the same as those in permanent position, the only difference is that every year we need to apply again and undergo the same process until we meet the desired points to be permanent.

I was being contractual for more than 2 years, it's hard to earn points, especially if you're applying for a senior high school. I was so happy last year in January 2021 receiving a call from the Division office and telling me to go there to sign my contract as permanent.

I'm really dedicated to my work yay, I can't stop thinking until I finished to check all the outputs of my students. I'm pregnant but still I'm more generous and active than to my other colleagues 😅

When I got permanent, that was the best day ever, yes I just got permanent last year and I'm really thankful because I don't need to demonstrate and undergo the process of assessment again.

Am I out of topic again haha Im telling a lot of story already yay, please bear with me😍 I already said that I'm married and I have a child and soon I will be giving birth again. I might not be a perfect wife or mom but still I'm doing my best to give everything I could for my Family. As they say nobody's perfect, and that's true so just do and give what you can afford too.

I'm a teacher, a mom, a wife, a goal digger, an ambitious mom and doing everything to make everything happen for real and not just only an imagination. I really wanted to have a house and I'm also thinking that I could use my earnings here at noise.cash and read.cash to make it happen. As they say nothing is Impossible with Bitcoin.Cash.

And since noise.cash and read.cash is still working and of course praying that it would last so a lot people would also benefited 

And I hope the admin of noise cash and read.cash will be blessed more because they made these platforms which are very helpful to us. I wish I could use my BitcoinCash earnings in building our home in which I wanted to call it as My BCH house😍 Could it be possible? I hope and wished you will recognized me too😍🙏

Wishing that @MarcDeMesel and other people involved in these platforms will live long and be blessed too so they could help many people or until the next generation too.

I don't know if your still reading my article I'm sorry I share a lot of story again I should just introduce myself here but I go along the way while typing I wanted to share everything one at a time😅.

That's me I cant stick with one topic😅 but I hope it's fine to you.

To sum it up, I'm a determined mom who's doing and looking for something to make our lives comfortable. And I don't want my family to starve and I know all of us don't want it to happen, and maybe that's why we are here too, looking for extra income.  not just extra income because once we joined noise.cash and read.cash we are learning a lot too. That's what I like with these two platforms.

So I'm a person you can lean on too and don't hesitate to ask something if you know I could help you too. I'm friendly and I wanted you to be my friends too😍 

I'll end my article here since I'm really out of the topic already haha.

Anyway I wanted to meet you too. Always keep positive and enjoy life.





Thanks for reading again, have a blessed day ahead.

I believe I will shine too🥰 I forget to tell you I'm sexy and beautiful too😅 It's up to you if you believe me or not haha. Have a blessed day again.

I love bitcoincash, noise.cash, read cash.

P.S: leading photo are not mine, I got it From google.


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Your presentation is very nice, you are a woman who fights for her family, I also write in noise.cash Gabriel2021VENEZUELA, how long did it take to approve your presentation post? I have several days and they still do not publish it in this community

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2 years ago

You're welcome to read.cash, pls feel free to have fun, express yourself freely and remember the rules- no plagiarism. I look forward to reading more of your articles! I must say that you're a really beautiful lady!

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