Life in Okada Manila Hotel and Casino

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Hi Readcash community, in this blog, I would like to share my experiences in Okada Manila Hotel and Casino. After all my sad stories, I will showcase my happy moments too. You deserve to know about me. I will tour you around by uploading our photos.

Okada Manila

Okada Manila is the largest casino entertainment resort in Manila. It is famous for its vivid views of Manila Bay. It offers food and beverages where you can have fun and relaxing moment. The luxury suites are so cleaned with the view of one of the world's largest fountains. Okada offers a lot of services and also provides hospitality and entertainment.

First time in Casino

Spending the Rest of the Night in Casino

Before we went to the Arcade Slot Machine, we need to registered and get a card so that we can have an easy transaction that will goes along in our own account. Playing and withdrawal of money will be easy if you have an own registered account. Registration is free so need to worry at all. As long as you have a valid ID, you can registered in a fastest way.

Arcade Slot Machine

There were two stories behind this photo. A happy and bad moment. At first I just enjoyed playing, our bet was so good and we won money enough to tour us around. I decided to withdraw the cash and went back to our suites but my boyfriend was very hard headed, I was so upset that time. I start to argue with him (minimal voice) he started to make a higher bets that cause us to lose the game without anything left. He started to blame me, in his side it was all my fault cause I never supported him causing him to have a bad mood while playing and you know in gambling you must have a crystal clear and peaceful mind for you to win the game. That's ther belief, not mine. Do you agree on that? Since we lose the game, we decided to drink beers and coffee. Beverages inside the casino are free. You can request a coffee, beers, water, juices and many other beverages. In a matter of minutes we talked and just enjoyed the Free Coffee. This time we're already in good terms. We decided to went back to our suites.

Freshen up in jacuzzi
The next morning in jacuzzi
bubble bubbles 😁πŸ₯°πŸ˜
Thanks to my photographer

We're already in our room that time. I will not upload our photos together (Not suitable for very young age).

He's serious watching movies
Gala Time
Outside world
we're dating 🀩🀣🀩
Thanks hon 😘 πŸ’• my photographer
Look at me hon, shining like the sun, bright as a day, (I'm your number one) you're my number one...🎢🎢

I missed a chance in the pool, that time it was closed but since it's not his first time in that place, he had a moments there without me hehe. I will upload his photo so that you will see the place.

In life, we encounter ups and down, but we should not let this bad moments darken our lives. Let your happy memories dominates your hearts. Treasure and enjoy it like there's no tomorrow. Our happy moments may not be always captures by camera but in our hearts and minds it is always be there that will serves us inspired to be happy every single day. I've been through a lot of bad times and crying moments before I found my love of my life. He's not perfect anyways as I am not either but we choose each other to be our home of love. Love is not a matter of chance, rather it's a matter of choice. If you choose that man to be your home, no one can break it 'til the age of dome. In our hearts full of love, no one could separate us, nor the death can make it cause we are loving endlessly.

Yes we went home with empty pocket but what made us rich is the memories we had that night. If you will go to casino, a piece of advice, take control of your action.

To my man, I love you as always. From the time our hearts collided, 'til now, you are my home.

For now, we're building our dreams together. Our future plan. I'm fortunate enough that I am included every part of his plan. Our relationship isn't perfect, I don't like to talk the other side of it cause it's not healthy for the readers. What's important is we're together, stronger than ever.

God bless us all

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1 year ago


Ka nice diha mam oy ,enjoy kayu mo tanawon sa mga pictures.

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1 year ago

Oo ma'am eenjoy jud nato kay katagsa ra na mahitabo hehehe

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1 year ago

Hehe at least importanti nanalo kayo sa pag ibig charsss. Hehhe sana all yarn okada. Npaka mahal nmn yan lalo na ung room na may jacuzzi nag watch kasi ako sa vlog ni donnalyn ang mhal dw. Anyway, love is still burning on😊

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1 year ago

Hehehe mahal talaga dun ma'am, gift lang yun sa kapatid ng jowa ko na mga VIP sa casino. Thankful na rin at least may pa gift family nya. Hehehehe

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1 year ago

Naku, sayang naman yung napanalunan nyo. Nakaka badtrip talaga kapag nauwi sa wala ang lahat ng premyong pinaghirapan mo .

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1 year ago

OK na lang din nangyari na eh, d nman din ganun kalaki pero sayang talaga pera na sana naging bato pa.

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1 year ago