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Why Bitcoin Cash IS the REAL Bitcoin

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1 year ago

Is it just me or does it really f**king annoy you when you see a comment on r/cryptocurrency or "crypto twitter" by some Litecoin fanboy or whatever decry that BCH is a scam.

I know being angry at the ignorant won't solve anything but if these people would just do an hour of independent research they would start to question the narrative that has been fed to them through censorship and media darlings in the Bitcoin space.

Who is/was Satoshi?

I think pretty much everyone has been accused of being Satoshi Nakamoto at one point, we will probably never know for definite (however I can tell you who it definitely isn't and that's that FRAUD Craig Wright)

My suspicions are that it was Hal Finney (RIP) but I will probably never have my suspicions confirmed.

What we do know is that Satoshi handed the project over to Gavin Andresen. Although, not perfect without Gavin Andresen it is doubtful Bitcoin would have ever got to the position it is currently in as he brought in and organised a bunch of developers to help Bitcoin go to the next level.

All wasn't rosy however and Gavin Andresen started butting heads with some of the developers, as he knew Bitcoin would have to increase the block size if it was ever to scale and have any chance of achieving it's goal of being a peer to peer electronic cash system! Not digital gold or whatever it is the Winkelvoss Twins have paid and encouraged people to call it.

This led to Andresen being chased out of the project that he and Hal Finney had worked on together in the beginning.

Bitcoin was to be the most disruptive technology the planet had ever seen and start to swallow up the printed fiat currencies around the World. This is literally impossible with a 1MB block size.

Creating that problem allows a good business to be built around it however and alas, the Bitcoin core developers aka Blockstream launched their Lightning Network business.

It is now 2020 and the Lightning Network is still a shambles and is hardly going to be user friendly thus propelling Bitcoin to becoming a global peer to peer currency.

The People Who Backed Bitcoin Cash at the Time of the Fork

There are numerous Bitcoin OGs that backed the best economic solution at the time of the fork but here's a few that I wanted to mention that I see get disrespectful abuse online, and whether you agree with them or not they done more for Bitcoin adoption than 99% of people!

  • Jihan Wu

    The CEO and co-founder of Bitmain. This man translated the Bitcoin whitepaper allowing it to reach over a BILLION people on the planet!

    Jihan has been on record as saying not only does he understand the computer science principles behind Bitcoin but more importantly the economic principles. It's these economic principles the Blockstream developers don't understand whatsoever.

    Jihan is currently working towards AI powered miners which will probably change the game forever so watch this space when that gets rolled out!

  • Roger Ver

    Bitcoin Jesus as he was once decried, the energy and passion this man has for Bitcoin is infectious. Roger has travelled the World as an advocate of Bitcoin and the freedoms it will give every single person the planet.

    Contrary to popular belief, Roger did not found BCH and there was actually a time when people weren't sure which side he would back in the fork. But as a successful businessman who understands economics of course he backed the path which enabled low fees, quick payments and Bitcoin returning to its path of becoming a global currency.

  • Rick Falkvinge

    Founder of the Swedish Pirate Party. Rick transferred all of his wealth into Bitcoin back in the very early days of Bitcoin and he was on a lot of media outlets explaining how Bitcoin will reach the price of $2 million to $5 million per coin, working back the way from Bitcoin swallowing up the fiat of world currencies. Rick knew this was only possible by Bitcoin being spent and infrastructure built allowing Worldwide adoption, not by hodling it and allowing Bitcoin to become a play thing for the valley and essentially a ponzi scheme where you sit and wait and hope you can sell your bags onto someone else for more than you paid.

Store of Value versus Medium of Exchange

One point that shows the economic illiteracy of core supporters is how they claim Bitcoin is a store of value.

Sorry, one can not just simply call something a store of value. It first must prove itself as an established medium of exchange before it can ever possibly become a store of value.

I think Core supporters should log off r/bitcoin and go and read some Ludwig Von Mises and some basic economics books.

The Good News

The good news is me and you right now have the potential to roll back the years and collect our Bitcoin for much cheaper than it currently should be.

My approach is paying myself first every month, with half sent to my wallet for transacting and half into cold storage for saving for the potential opportunities that come in this space.

Make no mistake owning 1 Bitcoin will be a big deal, and by 1 Bitcoin I mean the REAL Bitcoin, the one attempting to become THE global World Currency.

Right now, BCH is priced at $490, BCH could easily 1000x from this point. Sounds crazy but do as Rick Falkvinge done and work back.

Core supporters think the market has decided, my friends the market isn't even aware. How many people in the World know about Bitcoin, let alone have any of their wealth in it?

By building infrastructure and focusing on adoption BCH will overtake BTC and I don't know when this will happen but when it does it is going to be quick. BCH has a lot more support than hashpower suggests and when the stars align the flippening or cashening will happen.

We can't rest on our laurels and expect other people to do the work for us however, we all have a duty to waken up our family and friends to what is happening. We are literally laying the tools for the biggest transfer of wealth this planet has ever seen to happen.

Make sure you are on the right side of it.

Thank you.

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Written by   26
1 year ago
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I observe fewer and fewer comments saying that Bitcoin Cash is a scam. I think most people have understood that Bitcoin Cash is an integral part of the crypto world. Many have not yet realized that Bitcoin Cash is the best p2p electronic cash, but in time they will.

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1 year ago

Scam is thrown around all the time by ignorant people in this space.

The longer we survive and do our thing the more people take notice!

3 year anniversary only 6 months away! Can you believe it!?

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1 year ago

[Removed comment]

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1 year ago

Roger didn't back BCH. He joined later.

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1 year ago

Yes my wording of that was poor.

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1 year ago