If This Was Day One Which Project Would You Choose?

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Okay, stick with me.

It's day one in the crypto space and we have two main projects who allege they are competing to become a new global currency.

One is called Bitcoin Cash, and one is called Bitcoin Core...

One project (Bitcoin Cash) has agreed to work on the premise of increasing its block size when required thus enabling consistently cheap and fast transactions making it usable by people Worldwide and not too expensive for more than half of the planet's population.

They know that in order to convince people it is a legitimate store of value they first must establish themselves as a means of exchange and so they are committed developing an infrastructure where people can easily transact, either paying with their Bitcoin Cash for products or service or receiving Bitcoin Cash for providing products or services.

The other project (Bitcoin Core) which is ran by a small group of programmers who have decided to start a side business whilst they try and make their project a World currency...

Oh but don't worry, this side project is related to this. In fact, the whole success of Bitcoin Core hinges on their business being able to scale and being user friendly so that people in the least developed parts of the planet can still use it. Locations where sadly people can't read or write must be able to use this technology or sorry, you are now excluded from the new World economy.

It's fine though despite having wasted years on this already they are no further forward. These people still claim Bitcoin Core is fit for purpose and the only logical choice here?....Okay....

Can I let you in on a secret?

This still is day one!!

The whole cryptomarket is valued less than that of bloody Apple!

The tools for what we are competing to be (a global peer to peer electronic cash) are still being built and everyday BCH is gaining more and more adoption in this space.

Bitcoin core is propped up with speculators and people hoping to sell their bags to buy a new car or something.

Do not get disheartened when core trolls say look at the market, the market has decided. This complacency will be their downfall and you will be rewarded for your foresight.

Throughout history, the winners in technology has been because of adoption. We have real adoption happening and being worked on at BCH, BTC has nothing but the sexier ticker symbol.

Please someone publish this article in another 10 years (02/15/2030) and quote this. I have a feeling it will age pretty well...

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