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Bitcoin Cash Related Podcasts

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1 year ago

Well we are now over a month into lockdown here in the UK, and whilst the disadvantages certainly outweigh the advantages, one of the plus points to being stuck at home for me has been having the time to dive deeper into the World of Bitcoin Cash and so I thought I would share a few of my favourite Bitcoin Cash related podcasts.


My favourite medium for information is podcasts, they really are a great way to learn about a wide range of topics, and are short enough that they aren't too intimidating like an audiobook sometimes is.

  • Coinspice

Coinspice is probably my favourite BCH related Podcast right now, there are over 70 podcasts available so plenty of listening material for you to expose yourself too!

  • Humans of Bitcoin

If this podcast was still running then this would probably have taken top spot. Sadly Matt Aaron (@mattaaron) left and no longer does produces podcats however there are plenty of episodes in the archive for you to listen to, from interviews with high profile guests such as Vinny Lingham, Erik Voorhees and Jeffrey Tucker you will definitely take something away from each episode.

  • The Agora

Although not specifically a Bitcoin Cash or Crypto related podcast, The Agora podcast by Sal Mayweather (@SallyMayweather) touches on Bitcoin Cash and Austrian Economics in a lot of episodes and is definitely worth a listen!

*Also, if you are not following Sal on Twitter you are doing it wrong! This guys memes are hilarious and I don't think he is ever not online!


Although not a Podcast persay, the YouTube channel consistently puts out BCH related videos and allow you to keep your finger on the pulse with what is happening in this space.

Roger Ver also has his own YouTube channel:

However, there is a lot of crossover between these two but it is worthwhile subscribing to both!

I hope I have given at least a few of you some new Bitcoin Cash related listening material and if there is any others you think I should check out then please let me know in the comments!

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Written by   26
1 year ago
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