Astrology is a field that stands in the middle of our lives

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Who hasn't heard/asked the question "What is your zodiac sign?" after meeting someone and getting close to them? Probably not. Have you ever thought about what could be the reason?

Is it to categorize each other under 12 basic characters and predict how we will behave? To understand what we like and how we are likely to react? To discover our similarities or differences?

Or is it just to open a conversation and try to get closer...

Yes, astrology is a field that we are curious about but mostly superficially interested in, a field that stands in the middle of our lives. In fact, we are curious about each other, about "what will happen" and - perhaps most importantly - about ourselves. What am I here for? Am I really doing what I'm supposed to be doing? What will my love life be like? Do I have the potential to move up in my job? Will I find happiness? There is a part of us that believes that the answers to all these questions are hidden in the horoscope, but can we really read the stars correctly?

Many years before I started studying Vedic astrology, I, like most people, was interested in astrology and thought it was all about my Sun sign. Over the years, with the help of a very close astrologer friend of mine, I started to realize that it was not all about your zodiac sign, which sign your Sun was in when you were born. Over the years, as someone who is curious about herself and the essence of life, I have developed my relationship with both astrology and many other self-knowledge teachings. Today, I witness that the subject is very different and I would like to share what I know about this subject that I have witnessed closely.

Maybe you have heard this from many good astrologers, so I won't dwell on it too much, but one's astrological chart reveals deep, detailed and helpful points for understanding oneself much more than being an Aquarius. So when I hear the phrase "You are an Aquarius" today, I see how we confine a person's potential to a small space and it really hurts me. Because we are all too vast with our unique charts to be confined to one sign.

Perhaps in its simplest definition, our chart, which we can think of as a photocopy of the sky associated with the place where we were born, contains our childhood, our parents, our potential career, our relationships with money, our health, our marriage prospects, our happiness, in short, all the possible potentials in our lives. But what attracts me the most is that it offers a very solid infrastructure for us to get to know ourselves...

By looking at a map, we can see one's strengths and weaknesses, the parts of oneself in which one is overconfident or insecure, in which areas one can realize one's goals more easily, or in which areas one may feel lost and need someone to consult. As someone who has been coaching and counseling for so many years, it is very exciting to witness how coaching with a map accelerates results. The map is a golden key when used as a tool for self-knowledge and then working on the areas that need to change.

A map can be characterized as a potential, which is different from "destiny". Because it is actually up to you whether you can unlock the potential there or not. In order to unlock the potential, we first need to understand the potential. For example, there are signs in your chart indicating that you have potential in areas such as communication and literary power. However, if your Sun's Dig Bala score is low, you may not be able to take action in this area even if you have talent. Something always prevents you from taking steps in this area. Maybe you can interpret this as "This is not what I should be doing", and when you do that, you are throwing away your talent, your potential. But when you face the situation of this issue in your chart, you can say, "Ah! So that's why!" and try to find different ways to take action. For example, you may find that asking for help from a mentor or a trusted friend who is an expert in the area you cannot take a step in will help you move forward.

When you know yourself, when you take a bird's eye view of yourself and face what you cannot see from the inside, it becomes a gift to let go of the old habits you prefer to move forward in life and move forward by focusing on the strengths you need to hold on to. Outsiders, life circumstances, everything that happens are areas where our chances of creating change depend on external factors. However, changing our perspective by getting to know ourselves, improving our habits, our thinking patterns, the way we see ourselves and the way we see the outside world is entirely within our control, so the chances of success are very high.

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