A possibility to choose what you dream

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2 years ago
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Dreams never cease to amazed me, the more I dwelled on them the more it gets interesting. I've been writing my dreams for a year now, at least, only all of the remembered dreams on my "Dream Journal". I've already experienced and written almost everything common that could happen on a dream, but I've never dreamed of something that for tells future events–premonition (how wonderful would it be if my dreams will show future trading signals) or even the so-called lucid dreams where you can freely control your dreams. Am I just too unlucky? Or it's just applicable only for the gifted ones?


I do have discovered something and I bet someone here had experienced and noticed it too. That is, when you hear something while you're in deep sleep it will get mixed up in your dreams. I've noticed this kind of phenomenon when I was writing my dreams at 9 in the morning while listening to a radio. my mother would always turn on the radio at 7 early in the morning because she loves the radio drama program at that time, that radio program will also have a summary of the story at 9:00 am. Then when I woke up at 9:00 am and write my dreams, I noticed that a part of my dreams was somehow connected with the story summarized by the radio broadcaster. This kind of thing had occurred to me several times already, and this is why I had thought a possibility of choosing our dreams

How wonderful would it be if we could choose our dreams? In dreams, everything is possible as long as your imagination can reach, we can create our world or be part of the world of your favorite movies, novels, anime and become one of the characters of it.

You can test it yourself by following these steps:

1. Story

Choose what stories you wanted to be part of your dream. It can be from movies, novels, anime, etc. You can search it on YouTube then download it as an mp3, of why mp3? We can talk about it later. Importantly, you need to consider the dubs, please choose a dub that you can understand naturally without even thinking of it. I'm a Filipino and I always choose Tagalog dub(local dub).

2. Set an alarm

  • Before you sleep, set an alarm at a time where a person was on his deepest sleep, accordingly at 3:00 am to 4:00 am. Then change the sound of the alarm clock into the story, it was the main purpose why it's downloaded as an mp3.


  • Of course to make this plan succeed, one needs to sleep. And this will be more effective if the person is tired and drained because in that state one will have deeper sleep compared to a person who's in a normal or lively state before going to bed.

That's all for the steps on how to choose your dreams. I couldn't assure you that it will be effective on your first try, it takes me several times to try before I had success. With this practice "Choose your dreams" although you can't control your dreams in your sleep, you can alter your dreams by taking advantage of your sense of hearing and use outside gadgets to input a story in your head.

What I'm aiming for in this practice is for us to dream about what we want to see even just in our dreams. Like, a person wants to see his/her deceased love ones in dreams because of missing them so much, but too much thinking of them before going to bed won't always result in seeing them in your dreams. But, with this practice, the possibility of seeing and be with them even just in dreams will increase. How? Just find a video where you can hear their voices and convert it into audio then follow the steps above. I haven't tried this one though, but just think about what will happen if you hear that unforgettable tone of voice while you're in deep sleep. The voice you missed too much just enters your head while you are in your self created world of pure imagination.

I hope this article will help you who miss them too much.

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2 years ago
Topics: Freewrite, Life, Dreams, Goals


Okk....this sounds really nice... For you to be able to control your dream Trust me, I'm blown away. I might have to try this soon

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2 years ago