World's Forest Day... something have to be changed

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Well , am again back with my new article on the present hit issue of the world that is plants and their importance . For before starting I have a question ⁉️

Is there only one day to celebrate the importance of plants and forests and natural habitat of organism and to preserve nature?

Today when I woke up early , I saw the status of one of my friends that is highlighting the forest day and importance of plants, then I came to know that now it's time to write an article on this sensitive issue.

Today is 21st March 2022, The world's forest day that is celebrating all over the world with full zeal according to the Resolution of United Nations. The countries all over the world are encouraged to manage national and international events on this aspect and raise awareness about the importance of forest and natural habitat for organisms.

Another question ⁉️

Can we love without plants?

So the very simple answer to this question is we can't.

  • So what is the need of the hour?

  • What things should we have to change?

  • What things should we have to adopt?

  • What things that we are already applied to conserve nature.

Simply the answers to all these questions is we have to look after plants and nature in order to protect ourselves. We and plants are interconnected either directly or indirectly . Plants depends on us and we depend on them.

Let's discuss about this day in detail.


In 1971, the international food and agriculture society announces the world forestry day on 21st march and decided to celebrate it annually for raising awareness about it.


The main purpose for celebrating this day is to raise importance of forests because some people think that the world is underestimating the plants importance.

Causes of forests distruction

1: Wood cutting

Wood cutting is one of the main cause that is distroying the forest . This wood is used for making houses, furniture, home roofs, for burning purposes.

2: Increasing population

Increase in population can damage the forests as more humans needs more space to live and they then cut trees to make space for their homes and factories which in turn harm the natural resources.

3:. More construction activities

Roads makings , factories and homes needs a lot of wood and a lot of space which can be only achieved by cutting forest and making space .

4:. Climate change

Well , climate change is also main cause of damaging forest . More temperature refused or demolish the growth of some temperature sensitive plants . High or low temperature has direct effect on green plants. Global warming is main causing agent and sadly this is also created by humans.

5:. Timber logging

Cutting wood and sale it is good prize only benefit the owner but destroy the land's habitat . This logging is not good for planet.


  • Damage the atmosphere

  • Causes global warming

  • Unusual hotness

  • Warming planet

  • Unusual pollution

  • Damaging natural organisms

  • Damaging natural habitat

  • Bothering behavior

Precautionary measures

For plants we must have to be serious in our deeds and needs because we directly or indirectly depends on them. If we harm them directly we get harm indirectly.

We must have to grow new and more plants all around us. Every single person should plant one tree every year ad take proper care of it, just for himself or herself. It is said that if there is one tree outside your window , this will absorb your home's noise and reduce the overall noise pollution.

Pakistan's Billion Tree tsunami

Pakistan's Prime minister Imran Khan had started a project , a massive initiative that is Billion Tree tsunami project where government with international corporation has taken a big step toward conservation of nature.

On World's Environment Day, Pakistan has joined an international conference over the issue and got appreciation from the whole world. And that's great for the whole world.

This is a massive project with a huge budget capacity to fill all areas of Pakistan with plants , trees, herbs and shrubs, temperature sensitive plants, environmental friendly plants.

Lastly some important things to remind...

  • Plants are important .

  • Plants are are our friends.

  • Plants are our interconnected living organisms.

So keep this in mind , every plant is living and feel pain so be careful...

I personally talk to plants every day 😂🙂 and they are my best friends, actually my mom says plants are happy when you talk to them....😄😄

Hopefully you people take care of plants ...

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