Mistakes and me...

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Am fed up with my habit of making mistakes mistakenly and thinking regrets on it...lol you people think what am saying but trust me after reading this article you may come to know about my situation how I made mistakes and then how I laugh at my mistakes and then starting regrets on it.

A very weird situation that has been stinked to me from last one year and now I have thought to write about it. Hopefully I may come out of that weirdness...

Okkk....let's start one by that I have remembered...

For the first time I have not heard what my heart is saying to my brain...

When I was in university, my terminals were on my way and I had started preparing for the exams . I thought I have to learn all syllabus as this is the voice of my heart but my brain said " don't you dare the learn all , only learn the important one and focus on them" .πŸ˜‚

And also I have heard that " do smart work not hard work " and I took this too seriously and instead of doing hard work I have started doing smart preparation ( so called smart but short preparations) that took me to the low points in my GPA. The most dramatic and most expensive experience of my life and the cost of this irresponsibility is down percentage of my GPA from 3.8 to 3.75....

I must say if your heart agrees to something than do it please and don't regret . Otherwise you will be like me who still have this regret after a year of completion.

But this is part of life and that is my last hope . If there any student here please assure that you have done all your preparation in time or before time and never left anything for the last night. Usually students never take this seriously and in future they have to pay a big price for this.

Am a student and I know the best about the importance of marks and I know how a student want to be the best among the fellows but the problem is not about marks . The problem is not about percentage or low GPA , the main problem is a student Mut be responsible in his or her deeds and work.

Responsibility and consistency are the key ways to get success . One must know the importance of these two in your life.

When I guess about Winning match but my guess goes out of wayπŸ˜‚

In the last twenty twenty World Cup , me and my siblings bet on match winning numbers of different teams . They all are on one side and I , alone on the other side just because I have heard " follow the right path even if you are alone" and took this too seriously and without estimating the score I bet to support on team whom my siblings are not.

So what had happened?

I think there is no need to tell you that I have loses the bet with miserable condition of my team....πŸ˜‚

Hey don't be sad, it's ok....

My sister said don't worry this is not the first one you have to be prepared for the next loss and am started starring at her with atmost difficulty.

But luckily I won the next one . So it's my turn to tease them.

By the way , the chances of my guess to be right are 30% :79%.

It's ok if am bad in guesses but am ok with myself...

When I want to cook cake but the shape is not like cake and taste is also little bit change....

Last week I felt a fever of making cake at home and when this fever crosses all limits ,I asked my mom to bring the cake ingredients so that I can make it at home. My mom was too happy to see me taking interest in different cooking activities but she never know her daughter's cooking skills πŸ˜‚ that are bad to an extraordinary level.

So finally I have made the cake but the shape is slightly triangular and and taste is like beard πŸ˜†...bread within cake.

No no...am not bad in all cooking other meals but cakes is some upper level struggle .

I can cook all south Asian meals and you can appreciate me for that.πŸ€ͺ

Breaking glass ( mom's reaction)

Glass breaking is every family's problem as only one glass can change the whole pieces of set of glasses and mama says you can break all utensils in the kitchen . Go and break them all. So irresponsible.

Actually whenever I used to drink water , it is 100% possibility that the glass fall down with all it's power and tell the whole house that I am drinking water... πŸ˜‚

Struggling with calculator

Me always struggling with the calculator and I have a suggestion for all the calculator's makers that what should be the problem if there is a single light in it.

I always found mistakes in things and i think and suggest different variations in them but no one can hear me.

My sister has broken my calculator and now am enjoying that because it is the end of my struggle...

Worse in ludo

Whenever I think am mature enough to manage and examine the things with maturity , at the same time I thought I shouldn't take blue in ludo because it always a cause of my defeat.

Playing lido with siblings , I delebrately make mistakes for their winnings and they all tease me as if I lose ludo game all times.

By the way this is my favorite game.

Many other things on which you people may laugh...

  • Teasing and fighting with siblings

  • Bad drawing

  • Bad cooking

  • Bad mimicry girl


The purpose for writing this article is to make everyone aware about my silly and weird mistakes and I have written this article in a lighter mood to feel every one relaxed and happy .

But my weirdness should not be adopted by you , only you read this make your own way to move forward and not too much worry about me as am used to it and now am feeling better in a surroundings of my mistakenly made mistakes.

I think making mistakes is good than faking people and lieing people with others. Most of the times , people don't understand their own mistakes and always compare others mistakes. But I think I should start a chain where every one can share his or her mistakes.

Remember one things , mistakes can purify you , can produce a better version of yourself, and make you perfect for coming problem.

Remember it is a not a mistake to make mistake only the problem is to repeat the same.

Well hope you enjoyed it...

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Not only you while all in teenages doing these funny mistakes, and that's the beauty of life and also teach us many things keep doing them and keep learning from them

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