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Hello beautiful ladies and lads of Read.cash!

TL;DR: I'm explaining my lack of knowledge about textures when drawing if you want to see my drawing just scroll down to the end of this post.

Now I want to show you a practice drawing I made to improve my knowledge about how to replicate textures. At this moment it's not easy for me to draw or color glass, metal, cotton and other textures without making look them very similar to each other which is something I need to fix it so I'm drawing now from time to time a texture that way I can see how interacts with light source, how reflect colors from enviroment and the detail level it must have because some textures need higher detail level than others.

When we are studying about texture it's important to take on count that light source will help us to replicate sucessfully this texture. Metal absorbs or reflect light in a different way that cotton does. We hav to pay attention in how a texture on an image/photography interacts with background, for example, we will be able to see what's behind a glass texture like a window and if we try to do the same with leather we won't be able to do it.

Detail level is another important thing to take on count: If we are drawing a T-Shirt we will need few lines to suggest that what our viewer is seeing is just a T-Shirt but what happens if we try to replicate a chain-mall? We will need many lines, ordered in a particular way to create this texture.

I don't have deep knowledge about this matter as you already know but if you are beginning to work with textures you will hopefully find some valuable information on this post about how to begin your texture studies. I'll draw from time to time a different texture so I can learn more about it.

Here is my drawing:

This is an sketch mostly just to learn about a different texture, I'll turn this into digital to find out how similar I can make my drawing look from original image reference.

I hope you guys enjoy it and have a great day!

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