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Three indicators you should use for your trading system:

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6 months ago
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Yes, in this article we trade with indicators.

I know that many people have a different style of trading, but the truth is that I have done very well with the use of indicators.

1) It is a much easier system to analyze.

2) They will be much more specific and analytical.

3) They can be tested on past charts to test their profitability.

4) You just have to wait for the signals to enter the market.

5) They are very profitable.

Of course, not all of them will be like that and the worst of all is that on YouTube you will find too much information, which will make it take too long to get what you really need.

Be very careful with the strategies you get on the internet, before placing money, first test how effective it is by backtesting previous charts, cryptocurrencies are technically analyzed with the candles of the past, so that is what history and trading cycles are for. .

What are indicators?

Practically, they are tools that are configured or ready to be configured, which automatically launch the signals you need to enter, exit, see the trend or range of the currency you are analyzing.

Basically it is to build a system, so that when you enter you only see your indicators and you already know what you should do.

This makes the process much easier for you, when someone hears about trading they get scared because they think that we are mathematical kings that through formulas and equations we manage to enter an operation and the truth is that it is not like that, many times we only receive a signal from a indicator and we do what it asks of us without hesitation.

But not everything is rosy, the most difficult thing in trading is not technical, since it is always almost the same.

The most difficult thing is the psychology of trading, since you will not find a strategy that has a 100% win rate, that does not fail, that does not generate losses and that is not a bit tedious.

That does not exist, to trade you have to know that there are good operations and others not so good and in some you will lose money.

But all this can be reduced and improved if you create a perfect system for you.

So I'm going to show you the three indicators you need to build a profitable and grounded trading strategy.

First I want to clarify two things:

1) I am not a professional trader, I have only been trading for a year and I have not taken courses, nor paid for courses or strategies, nobody has told me the indicators that I should use, all this has been built through my research regarding trading, so if you find any errors don't hesitate to correct me and please don't judge me, I try to share everything based on my experiences.

2) It is not a strategy recommendation, it is only for you to look for information on this type of indicators and if you dare, build your own strategy based on your needs and capital.

3)Take good care of your money and remember that not everything you see on the internet is real, on my way I saw a lot of information that ended up being false and made me lose money, so with all my heart I give you these tips so that you can make your own research

Trend indicator:

Trend Indicator tradingVew

This indicator has the purpose of doing what its name indicates, "It will make you see the market trend".

Why is it important to know the trend of the market, well, simple, so that you do not buy when the market is bearish, since the candles will always be negative, so you will go against the market.

Also, so that you do not make sales, when the market is bullish, since the candles will go up and you will be operating against the market.

Something that I have learned in this time is not to be rebellious, no matter how much it seems that you can predict the direction of the market and enter earlier, if the trend indicator shows you a trend, pay attention to it, do not go against it, it may one day you will be lucky but then it will take its toll on you.

Confirmation indicator:

Confirmation Indicator tradingVew

After detecting the trend in which the market is, it is not a sufficient signal to make an operation, since many times there are changes in trends that turn out to be false or manipulated by whales or bulls.

Let me explain, the trend indicator may be bullish, you enter the market on the rise but one or two candles change the trend again because two negative engulfing candles came out, then you will most likely lose the trade.

For this it is necessary to use an indicator that measures the strength with which the market is and thus be able to confirm that the trend is coming strong and it is safer to operate.

After seeing the trend indicator and knowing what trend you are in, you need the confirmation indicator to send you a signal to know at what exact moment to enter a trade that goes hand in hand with the trend.


Never go against it, many times there is a temptation to do what your emotions want to do, but you have to be cold and always respect the strategy as it is.


ATR tradingVew

In order not to make this article longer, I will only tell you that this indicator measures the volatility of the market, it calculates the way in which the currency you are analyzing has moved in the number of periods that you configure.

So with it, you will know where to place the profits and where to place the closing trades in case of losses.

Trading without having a stop loss can be the riskiest thing you do, as everything can go well, but a long candle of a large percentage, depending on the leverage, can take you out of the operation liquidated.

So it is better to have a fixed price that when touched the operation closes automatically.

Regarding profits, many people tend to price take profits, but I usually go with the trend, but that is a matter of the strategy you have and the way you manage risks and positions.

Besides, having a Take Profit and Stop loss, will make you operate in a relaxed way, since the electricity can go out, you can lose internet, you are busy or you forget to enter the operation, it will automatically close in case of profit or loss.


I want to emphasize that with these indicators you can have a great trading strategy, but you must combine it with other things related to emotions and the psychology of trading.

Like how many times you will make trades, the schedule you will have, how much money you will risk, at what time you prefer not to trade, know how to overcome losing streaks, maintain control in winning streaks, not get stressed, in short, many things.

It is not the same to practice a strategy on a demo account as when you are already in the market, more emotions are completely different.

I am pleased to have come this far in this article, I enjoyed it a lot, I hope all of you can learn from it.

Leave in the comments the doubts or what you would like to read soon, I want to help as much as I can to all those who are interested in entering trading.

Remember that everything can be done with the desire to learn, perseverance and patience, nothing comes easy from one day to the next, my path has been long and slow, but always uphill.

I love you very much, and I always read them, but I cannot express myself so that you can see that I read your articles because the friend you already know forgot about me, but I am still here to contribute what I know and nurture myself with the knowledge of all the great people I have met here.

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Written by   118
6 months ago
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True we should take care of our money and we should be analytic that not everything is real on internet

$ 0.01
6 months ago

Likewise, not taking into account that what appears on the internet normally does not mean that it is true, it can save us from fraud.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

You are a skill full person who knows each basic tactic about trading i am proud of you as i am learning from you

$ 0.01
6 months ago

Thank you very much, although I don't know you I am pleased to know that I inspire people and above all they are proud of me.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

True the most difficult thing is to understand the psychology of trading

$ 0.01
6 months ago

It is definitely the most difficult for the simple fact that controlling our emotions will always be an uphill challenge!

$ 0.00
6 months ago

It seems you are really good in trading. Ordinarily seeing the charts makes me sick. Lol🤣. To me, I still have the mindset that traders have the knowledge we don't have. I don't trade because I don't wanna loose money. Haha🤣

$ 0.01
6 months ago

You lose money because you don't know the field, you lose money in trading but what you win is more than what you lose

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Yes, people should not go with the price strategy they should see the trend and then have to take step

$ 0.01
6 months ago

I think that not having indicators and tools to analyze the charts in a technical way is a big mistake

$ 0.00
6 months ago