My Kind of Rest Day

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7 months ago
August 13,2022 Saturday

An early off from my nightshift work and as usual, hubby is waiting for me a few walks from my company gate.

It's better that I wear my coat since its a bit cold after some rainshower last night. Even I have some cap and umbrella with me, hubby bring the big umbrella too juat incase. And ohh.. just as we started walking home, some water slowly pouring down. I took my cap and wear it on since it was just a little drops. We continue our chitchat and walk as if there is no rainshower at all.

Going home at dawn really scares me, aside from those suspicious individuals that roam around, I am afraid of dogs too.

Walking from work to home is quite a bit far. You need to pass many houses and establishments and some houses too have dogs and some also are on the streets. For how many times, I am still afraid of dogs, we passed by this house where the dogs keeps barking. I even could not see where the dogs is but I keep distant and keep on looking if it goes out the gate and follow us. Hubby jokingly said, of course it goes out. It even bothers me more and look at our back from time to time. Then hubby said, stop it I was just joking. Huh? Anyways, as we reach near more, we have to pass the wide open fields with plenty of mango trees and some trucks park nearby. This place is more scary because many have experience not so nice while passing alone here. That is why, hubby really come to fetch me if I went off early.

Feeling better but still having a bit of a nausea and intermittent cough, I really prefer to rest than eat.

After we arrived home, I just took some medicines and plenty of water. Hubby offer me some bread and something to it but I said, I just want to rest. Yes, its my rest day so I can sleep and sleep without worrying to wake up later and go to work. I really have a deep sleep that even the kids are too noisy, I was never bothered.

Meal time is really important for my children and I am kind of guilty because I cannot prepare it for them this time. Though they still want me to join them.

Even if I am dizzy, I have to get up when my kids wakes me up. My youngest really do not like me sleeping while they are having meal. He said I should eat too, ohh they are really sweet. So even I just have to sip some moringa soup and a few spoonful of rice, at least I can sleep back not with an empty stomach.

Yeah, I sleep again until late in the afternoon. Hubby never bothers me so I can regain some of my energy. After three weeks of nightshift work with a weather that shifts quickly, it will really test your health.

Though I am doing better and better, I still prohibit myself from taking some sweets or cold beverages. I do have warm water only and sometimes drink some herbal tea.

Closing Thoughts

Saturday is my rest day. I usually not rest but do some chores at home to help hubby and the children because I have more time. However, today I literally rest and rest with more sleeping time. It is unusual but sometimes, I really should have this day more to regain such energy. As I get older, I am not that young ones before who have boost immune system. Now even if I have vitamins, I also get sick and prone to whatever virus spreading around. So a rest day just needs to be taken seriously and rest.

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7 months ago


Take care of yourself sis. Makakatulong ang vitamins sa panahon ngayon. Lemon or any citrus fruits para sa vitamin c keri na 🫰🫰🫰

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7 months ago