How Do I Sleep?

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A long weekend for me to have enough rest from work but not at home and from this platform. Though my head is full that I am confuse to what to write this time. So as I was browsing I saw this in Pinterest, Sleeping Habit this or that? I will answer it as follows.

  • Lights on or Lights off

When I was young, I prefer to have lights off because I cannot sleep with the bright light in my room. Though when I have move out from home and leave a far to work, I am having some nightmares in my rented place. There I am slowly learning to sleep with the lights on. Now, with my kids too, I need to sleep with lights on.

  • Light Sleeper or Heavy Sleeper

Hmmm.. I have to think about this, just kidding. I am really a heavy sleeper. Well, for those who not know, a heavy sleeper is the one who have a deep sleep through noise and other disruptions. While the light sleeper is the one who is easily disturbed by external stimuli such as light, smell and noise. Since I sleep soundly, I can say I am a heavy sleep. I can even sleep even the neighborhood are too noisy singing or my kids are playing around, given the condition that I am really tired and wants to rest. Unlike hubby who easily gets distracted and be awaken by such light noise around even in the middle of the night.

  • Fan or No Fan

Being in a tropical country, no need to ask because I will prefer to have Fan. Yes, its so hot outside and even inside our home at night. How I wish, we can experience winter so we can feel the cold season and we do not have to use Fan or any Air Coolers at home while sleeping.

  • One pillow or Several Pillows

I cannot sleep with one pillow. I need several pillows around me before I can sleep. Even when I am young, I have the privilege to have more pillows at home because I cannot sleep if I had one only. So when we have visitor who will stay for a night at home, my mother always ask to me to lend some for the visitor. So I have no choice but give some as long as I still have more than 1 pillow with me.

  • Early in Bed or Late Sleeper

I am a late sleeper because I love to catch up things when the kids are asleep. I mean, I mostly do check here when the kids are sleep because they are too naughty at times when I ignore them talking or doing something. Though when I have a vacation in my grandmother's place, I am early in bed. I do not know but I like sleeping there early even my grandma wants some chat while in bed.

  • Thin Blankets or Thick Blankets

I grew up having thin blankets not until these last year when my mother sent some warm thick blankets. No matter what season or how's the weather, I love using this warm thick blankets now. Though it is tiring to handwash it and needs to be laundry by experts.

  • PJ's On or Comfty Clothes

I love pajamas at times. But it doesn't matter with me. Because sleep no matter what I wear. If pajamas are available, I love it especially at rainy season nights. But most of the time, I just wear any comfty clothes at bedtime.

  • Drink Milk or Drink Water

I love milk very much and I love drinking it anytime of the day since birth. But as I aged, I consider many things especially our wallet. That is why, I do drink water before bed instead of milk. Though at times I do drink milk too.

  • Socks or No Socks

I prefer no socks so I can feel the coldness of the night. I mean, I just want my barefeet at bedtime because having socks makes me feel uncomfortable and cannot sleep with it.

  • Back/Stomach or Sleep on Side

I do sleep on side especially now that I have kids. My youngest is always beside me so I have to take on my side with him. However I sleep on my back/stomach when I am younger yet it doesn't give me a nice sleep at all. So now, I am enjoying sleeping on my sides.

And finally music is something that helps me sleep. Yes, I am a music lover and having my favorite songs played at bedtime makes me fall sleep easily. How about you? Do you have some sleeping habits to share?

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Thank you so much for dropping by my article. I will be very glad even you just like this work of mine.

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Really nice of you sharing all this, seems we have something in common, I am a music lover also and most times I find it difficult to sleep without listening to music

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