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Time for us and our children

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7 months ago

Ever since I understood what a family really means, I wanted to have a large, happy one, which emanated positive energy, in which we laughed a lot, we were united, we loved each other unconditionally. In which we are all one. And I started designing it, until the Universe proved to me that even the most beautiful dreams can come true!

For me, the most important things in life are related to family and peace of mind. I have always wanted the family I will build at some point to be extremely united, happy, relaxed. Let's be warm with each other, workers, let's fight for our dreams, let's help the people around us, let's get along well, and me and "him" to be the best parents possible for our children. Which will fly in a big, beautiful, white house with lots of floral elements. That was my vision of the house where we will live.

Regardless of the problems I encountered as a child, I educated myself to always go ahead, to weigh well the decisions I have to make, to be a positive example, to be a good person and to get where I want. What happened and what I want to convey to my girls Ana and Stefania.

"Children are not the only ones who grow up, and parents grow up. Just as we look at our children, let's see what they do with their lives, so they look at us, so they see what we do with ours. I can't tell them to my children to reach the stars. All I can do is reach out to them. " Joyce Maynard

I promised them freedom, happiness, love, peace, adventure, play, a lot of time spent together. I want them to enjoy a real childhood, to travel, to know the world. To experience different cultures, not to be the victim of frustrations and failures of parents. As I have seen, unfortunately, in other families.

The wonderful family I have built is an incredible force of nature. And from here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life lies. This is a feeling that I sincerely wish you all. And I want you to always appreciate it at its true value and never put it in second place. Beyond career, success and money are the people who will always be with us.

If you ask me, the memories with my loved ones are the most precious legacy we will leave behind. They are also the ones who will tell us if we really lived or not. I wouldn't want to go through life without enjoying it to the fullest. Without enjoying family! I suggest you borrow the same mentality.

Who love us, support us and always charge us with the energy we need to move forward. And for them, money is not important. But the moments spent together and the memories we build every day.

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Written by   8
7 months ago
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