The less you need, the happier you are!

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1 year ago

The conclusion of the last days: the less you need, the happier you are.

Why? First of all, because you start consuming less energy for the ones you (no longer) need.

I mean?

I mean, it's simple. If you become aware of what you no longer need, you will not be interested in having them. Stop clinging to them and no more attachments.

Attachments lead to a consumption of the soul, to a clinging to that dream, to addictions and self-forgetfulness. Focus on wanting and less on living. At self-destruction and departure from the essence.

By giving up what you are aware of you do not need, you are happier primarily because your time will increase. Precisely because you won't use it to get what you just don't need.

It could be food. It could be hygiene products. Of clothes. Of people. Of all kinds of goods that do not bring you a plus. Which make you run like a mouse in his wheel to have them.

This "what you don't need" awareness can be about more. It does not refer only to a specific category. As we are each different, and unique in creation, our needs are also different.

By freeing yourself from them, you free yourself from all that held you back from being free. From living more fully. From doing what you love. From being useful or doing something useful. From living quietly and living the moment of dolce far niente.

This way you can save time, energy and money, and create memorable moments.

It's like emptying your closet of clothes and things you don't need anymore. Suddenly you have space. Suddenly you are given the opportunity to use that space as you see fit.

Even with new clothes. If that's what you feel you need. Maybe the ones you donated didn't represent you anymore. Maybe they were outdated or you just want a change and the clothes seem the most accessible.

Whatever the reason, try to see why you can free yourself to experience as much freedom as possible.

The freedom I am talking about comes with detachment, with relaxation, with a state of well-being. You feel a relief in your soul. You feel that you have enough. That you are enough and that the outside is no longer the one who fills you, but yourself.

Seek to see what you really need. Freedom is so beautiful. It's so reassuring. Really peaceful. With you and the rest of the world. No matter what relationship you had. With you or the rest of the world.

And when you decide to free yourself, practice giving wholeheartedly. No regrets. No expectations. Without anything. Just look for yourself, to feel full and grateful that you can give, that you can regain your freedom from the methods of consumerism, false needs and even values. By yourself who have enslaved yourself in masks, needs, pretensions and expectations.

Meditate a little on the subject. I don't think you'll be indifferent after that.

The less you need, the happier you are! Take note!

Both for now. Just breathe. Understand. Forgive me. It helps. Loves.

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1 year ago


I like your explanation my friend and it's accurate, I've also been involved in cases like this story when almost several times I failed to have a relationship with someone, when the relationship couldn't be continued, he ended up marrying someone else. I was entangled with this burden of thought that was prolonged and without me realizing it my time was wasted and no longer doing other more important activities but I realized there was no point in thinking about it anymore because everything would no longer come back.

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1 year ago