Take care of us and those around us

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We only appreciate the good things when we meet the worst! That is in our human nature ...

If we hadn't met the tears, we wouldn't have been able to appreciate the unimaginable power of a smile.

If we had not met with sadness, we would not have been able to appreciate the euphoria of joy and the healing effect of laughter therapy.

If we had not had the terrible pains of an illness, we would not have been able to appreciate the most precious gift we have, health.

If we had not gone through certain sufferings that were considered incurable, we would not have been able to appreciate the divine miracle produced by faith.

If we had not encountered the cruel disappointments of love, we would not have known what the thrill of the purest and noblest feeling in the world, love, means.

If we had not met poverty due to lack of money, we would not have been able to appreciate its value.

If we had not met false friends, we would not have been able to appreciate the dedication, unconditional help, and soothing embrace of true friends.

If we had not gone through the pain and the bad stages of life, we would not have been able to appreciate the beautiful moments we are living.

We love and appreciate good only after we have become acquainted with evil! Therefore, in all evil there is a part of good, we just have to observe it and realize that without those moments of sadness, those of joy could not have appeared. Just as without light we could not see the infinity of the blue sky, so without darkness we could never enjoy the enchanting brightness of the stars.

Today's worries, tomorrow's burden ...

* We are so full of soul, so heavy, that simplicity becomes an effort that exhausts us terribly. We do not realize that we carry in us all the frustrations, all the grievances, the failures and the regrets only when it is too late and we are already on the ground. Recovery is more difficult and difficult than prevention.

We let too many things into the soul. From negative thoughts and feelings to words thrown into the wind by people without God. No wonder we walk through life as if we were sick, as if we were old, as if we were hopeless. With our shoulders down, our heads down, our eyes down, we cannot see the greatness and glory of God.

Let us take more care of our souls, let us care more about what is going on inside us than about the words and opinions of those around us.

The only opinion that counts and deserves to be taken into account is that of God. As long as you follow in his footsteps, as long as you try to be His child, you don't need the validation of other people. God is the one who validates us. Not the people, not the things, not the material, not the success and not the wealth.

The soul needs simplicity and order. Discipline and balance. We can't burden him endlessly with anything. He needs to breathe, to calm down, to find peace and harmony.

When you don't know what to say to God, say, "Thank you!"

I don't ask for anything more, I'm just amazed and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart for everything!

Thank you, Lord, for the water, for the bread, for the air, for the heat, for the life, for the health, for waking me up in the morning, for putting me to sleep last night, for what has been shown and for what has not been done, for the people who take us out of the way, for all that we know and do not know!

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