Sunrise in the morning

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11 months ago

One December morning, cold but not too cold, after a hard fight between night and day I caught the most beautiful sunrise.

Sounds like a sunset, doesn't it?

Because every day we live is a magic, from the red clouds appeared easily,

easily a circle of unparalleled intensity, it was the sun .... which foresaw the beginning of a new day ...

A day with new plans, the smell of coffee, freshness, fresh air and energy.

What could be more beautiful than starting a morning by the river?

The sun's rays seem to want to tell you in the most beautiful way possible a:

- Good morning! I'm glad you're here to admire my beauty ...😍

A few birds sneak into the fiery sky, also enjoying a new day, a new beginning.

They fly higher and higher, closer to the sun ... hmm .... I think they make friends in such a beautiful way ...

Together they create the perfect picture ...

The sky seems to be on fire

That day, everything around me seemed to want to convey something to me.

Nature and the universe spoke through their mere presence, a complex and complete presence. The miracle begins, the multitude of colors is felt and seen up close.

That morning I couldn't stop admiring and photographing that beautiful sunrise I made a lot of catches in a few minutes.

I shared those pictures when I got home and with a few friends to start their day well, to rejoice too for the magical joy of my morning.

Some even had an inexplicable reaction to their sight ... so beautiful that they couldn't believe the catches I had caught were true. I would always like to have mornings and beginnings like this.

Of course, there are days when the sun does not make its presence felt at all, but also when it appears as if it wants to make up for the days when it is missing.

I wish you days full of magic and warmth in your soul

with love and peace, smiles and admiration for nature and the universe. Today is about you and so are the days to come.

You see beauty in everything, even if you can't always do it, take a few minutes to take a breath of fresh air, direct your eyes to the sun and charge your mind and soul with its warmth.

Your day will be better, believe me!

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11 months ago