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5 methods of stress management before an interview

Most of us face unpleasant manifestations of emotions before an interview, especially if the dream career depends on its outcome.

This experience can generate a lot of stress and tension, from wet palms, sweating, dizziness to stomach pain, insomnia, etc.

The good news is that there are some tricks to help you manage the stress of an interview:

✅ the sentences you intend to say

It is often helpful to anticipate certain requirements and questions in order to prepare the answers we will give. By repeating a certain speech aloud, we will train our body and mind for the big day, so we will be able to be as natural and relaxed as possible.

✅ visualize a pleasant image of a place where you feel comfortable

Causes of stress at work

Specialists define workplace stress as a strong emotional response, with many negative effects both professionally and physically or emotionally.

Among the most common causes of stress at work, we mention:

➡️ the existence of too many tasks in a short period of time;

➡️ Frequent quarrels or misunderstandings with certain colleagues;

➡️ establishing a routine that prevents the development of the employee;

➡️ imposing a program without flexibility, which leads to the rapid accumulation of fatigue;

➡️ non-compliance with employees' opinions when making important decisions in the company;

➡️ the constant proposal of deadlines that are difficult to achieve;

➡️ lack of balance between work and personal life

➡️ faulty organization of tasks in a working day;

After identifying the causes of stress at work, it is vital to find effective solutions to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

This technique helps to remove negative thoughts and associate the interview with the sensation created by that image: strength, joy, relaxation, optimism, etc.

✅ control your breathing

The moment you force yourself to breathe in a different rhythm, you become calmer and slow down your heart rate. You can draw air into your chest by counting up to 4 in your mind, then hold the air for a few seconds, then exhale it for as long as possible.

Smile or laugh more

A positive attitude is always needed, increasing your self-confidence.

It is proven that laughter causes the release of dopamine, the hormone of happiness, which reduces stress levels in the body.

✅ relax before the day of the interview

As students are advised not to recap the subject the night before the exam, we must apply the same principle in the case of an interview.

To be in top shape the next day, prepare your body for a relaxing bath, a light dinner and a restful sleep. To be able to fall asleep, use hot tea or milk.

How do you know that stress affects your family life

Stress, this "modern disease" affects our lives more than we might expect, having a major impact on both professional and personal life.

Prolonged stress decreases productivity at work, as you begin to feel more and more tired, exhausted, unable to complete daily tasks.

It also has a negative effect on the relationship with co-workers due to the high level of irascibility and frustration given by the deadlines received, which you feel you can not cope with.

In addition to the relationship with colleagues at work, the constant stress leaves its mark on family life.

Without realizing it, you get used to a less healthy lifestyle, with agitation and fatigue at a high level.

Exhaustion and nervousness affect your behavior towards children, and you spin in this vicious circle that seems hopeless.

How does prolonged stress manifest itself in family life?

➡️ children do not get enough sleep

When parents are tense, children often become agitated, and this affects their sleep. Insufficient sleep creates irascibility, decreases our concentration and attention, losing our ability to solve problems and manage the situations we face.

➡️ Scream more often at loved ones

Nervousness and impatience lead to tone and the use of harsher words, which you would not normally use. When you notice that you are no longer in control of the situation and you lose your temper very easily, it is time to take a break and relax.

➡️ You rarely eat with other family members

When you are overwhelmed and overwhelmed by daily tasks, family meals become unpleasant moments that both adults and children try to avoid.

➡️ talk less and less often with your children

In times of stress and pressure, children tend to isolate themselves and avoid communication with their parents, but also with their friends. If you notice an emotional distance of the child from you, it is time to take action and find relaxing family activities together.

➡️ the appearance of health problems

Stress affects the whole body, so children may have nightmares and headaches and stomach pains, and adults may experience migraines. The higher the stress level, the weaker the immune system becomes.

All these manifestations can be prevented or improved by changing habits that overload the body and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Playing a sport at least once a week, outdoor walks and short vacations with the little ones are reliable allies in the fight against stress and restoring the family atmosphere.

Reorganizing activities and sharing tasks among all family members helps to better communicate and can bring a smile to the lips of adults and children.

Stress has a major negative effect on the way we act, so it is vital to find the best ways to manage it.

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