STOP mimicking kindness🙏

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1 year ago

Yes, living in a world of image and appearance, people mimic goodness. Practicing false goodness so many times, it has turned into a behavior.

It's like a program that you activate when you need it.

But do you know who are the first to be fooled by mimicked kindness? We ourselves because, if you look closely, we mimic kindness towards us for the first time. Why? As a result of what we see "in the market". Fortunately, the human beach offers us so many examples of "how to" and "what to do" that various characters appear who come to show us how "we" should be.

Well, out of a need to be exactly the "good" ones, we turn into mediocre copy-pastes.

With regret for those who feel that mime is good, I remind you that the planet Earth is about duality and the density of duality. It's about darkness and light, sweet and bitter, black and white, goodness and wickedness.

And I remind you that we, as human beings, are not entirely "good." As Spirits we are, but here on Earth, we have come to experience the duality, which also involves that drop of "evil" that we hide behind the curtain so that at some point it will explode into something that wonders what.

I don't know why I have to tell you this, but if you've ever wondered why it's allowed, in some situations, so bad, one explanation is the denial of the so-called "evil" in Existence and its assembly, the transformation into an energy. condensate that ends up making "poc". That it is about one's health, cataclysms, poverty and other forms of negative manifestation.

Many do not understand why floods or droughts come, all kinds of weather conditions over certain areas. It's really simple, because the planet is so smart that it knows how to harmonize polarities. People get the impression that if they play with the weather and do well in an area, their play will be without repercussions. False, when you are dealing with a Natural System of Self-Knowing "how it should be", that System will know what methods to use to bring harmony back to its level.

So it is with man, as he tries to be good, especially in a false way, so he will be rewarded 😰

We sometimes live with the impression that we know and that we can, when we are part of a System far too broad to perceive it with the human mind. And that very system also detects and identifies the mimicked goodness, and as a counterweight it sends the dose of what is needed.

What I am writing here is also relevant for those cases in which some people ask themselves "why do these things happen to me, that I am a good person, I have only done good".

The news of the moment is that mimicked goodness is not goodness 😝

It's false kindness

Allow yourself to experience all human states, both the states of darkness and the states of light are equally uplifting. How can the Darkness be uplifting? By teaching you, the experience of living in the Dark is perhaps one of the most valuable lessons. In the light everything is 🪷 flower power 🐥 fluff and unicorns 🦄 But in the Dark you can know the depth of your being and the limits of your existence.

Personally, I dislike mimicking kindness, along with receiving false mimicry from others. Interestingly, from those who mimicked kindness to me, I never needed to use what they wanted to give me. From simple things to more generous forms of giving and helping.

In fact, they were of no use to me

I always felt an inexplicable streak of negativity 😕

Implicitly rejecting their manifestation 😱

From now on, see yourself first. And then, even where you are not, allow yourself to be genuine. Always reminding you who we are and why we came here. What I'm writing here doesn't mean we can't transform evil, yes. But up to the ability to transform, it is good to have the ability to receive.

Mimicking and stifling only make situations explode 🫣

Awareness and understanding release 🤗

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