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1 year ago

I don't know about you, but I have some moments when I can't wait for the Rainer.

It's that moment when I would be lazy in bed, watching a movie or just sitting and listening to the rain knocking on my window.

Rain is always welcome for nature, earth, flowers, trees. I think they enjoy the small, cold drops that fall from the sky the most.

The branches of the trees bend as if tired in the rain. A cold wind, and strong enough to tilt the trees and the most beautiful flowers in my garden, was constantly fighting to keep them from bending to the ground.

The one most affected by the rain is the grass. She struggles to keep her green hairs on the surface so she can breathe freely, a few flowers are already showing signs of giving way to this close fight.

If the rain continues at the same rate, the last flower that has the power to withstand the wind and the raindrops that fall from the sky more and more strongly will not last long.

A few flowers have lost their beautifully colored petals. They look as if they are upset by the loss they have suffered; the water flows on their leaves like tears full of pain.

Today, somehow… I don't know why, it reminded me of a story that I've known for some time and that always comes to mind when it rains.

That's exactly what it's called "It's a beautiful rainy day." It has marked me since I read it, to be a few years back. I don't even know if I remembered exactly, but I'll tell you briefly, give me a minute for a beautiful story! It is the story of a woman with a strong critical sense, far too often focused on the empty half of the glass, far too harsh and direct, far too anchored to see and signal irregularities and defects. It's a beautiful story there, because she finds a partner who easily teaches her to look at life with different eyes.

To see beyond appearances, to go beyond visible boundaries, a partner who shows them how to see the good and the beautiful. He teaches her optimism, step by step, not to see only the ugly, not to utter only evil.

There's a scene that fascinated me, where the two of them are on vacation together. Helene, the female character, is enchanted by his overflowing optimism, on a rainy day. She is overly irritated and nervous about the bad weather, and he answers calmly: No, my dear, it's a beautiful rainy day.

Time passes, the two of them get married, they have children, he remains her life partner over the years, the only one who can balance her and teach her to release her good, rather than evil. After a life together, he dies, and Helene only now realizes that she has lost the only one who read her soul and who could make her listen to her heart more often. She leaves at one point on a vacation, alone, sad, suffering after his loss and travels around the world. One day he arrives on a beach, in an exotic location… where it starts to rain, and a tourist sighs and complains about the bad weather. And she answers radiantly - No sir, it's a beautiful rainy day.

It is a scene that reminds us how important those around us are, how we impregnate each other with thoughts, words, emotions. I actually think I remember this story, which stuck in my soul, every day with rain, when I want to moan about traffic, congestion, wanted and unwanted. Andreea I forget to enjoy every day as it is!

Photos taken by me yesterday when, what do you think? It rained🌦️

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1 year ago


Gorgeous photos! I love plants with raindrops on it. Looks so beautiful always :)

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1 year ago