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The thought of the week

It's about you. Always;)

I've told you a few times before that the system we're working on isn't the brightest, is it? At the beginning of this week, I want to remind you, but not to make you sad, but to make you aware.

Even if we do not know, from the first days of life the human environment teaches us that, most often, something from the outside is the cause of what happens to us. Both positive and negative bill.

For this reason, until recently and still valid in some situations, people were looking for partners to love them, friends to be with them, bosses to appreciate them, implicitly they had children so that, I quote, “to have old age who to give them a glass of water ”🥶

What the system has done is just externalize our existence by making us believe that "others" through and for us. But as we awoke, we saw that we could become somewhat independent of the outside world.

Even from giving up looking for lovers who adore us or those "best friends" who will fulfill our lives. But what makes me happiest is that humanity has understood that you are making children your guide and hope, not the way you have your slave in his old age, who can bear your frustrations and unhealed wounds.

Yes, humanity understands easily, easily that it is about itself. Always

By changing the way we look at things, you know that the way we look at things changes. And so, we learned to look at ourselves 🥰 With more understanding, bewilderment, rebellion, but also forgiveness, reconciliation, implicit love.

The outside is here to be our reader, mentor, guide, sources from which to learn, to develop, including to adjust our existence in the terrestrial plan. The others are here "for our good" so that we, through them, understand that whatever is outside, with small exceptions, it is about the inside.

That's a big deal.

Understand that it's about you. Always

What does a successful day mean?

It can be one in which you are very productive. But also one in which you laze in the sun.

A successful day means spending quality time with your loved ones. But it also means spending quality time with yourself.

A successful day can mean adrenaline, travel and unforgettable things. But, just as well, it can mean a day when you get lost in a book, when you dry your hair in the sun and don't hit your head with spf, hats or anything like that. It can mean a day when you are comfortable with yourself, when you feel free and reconnect with all the wonders around you.

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