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People who know everything

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5 months ago

There are a kind of people who know them all. Experts, what more! They know how best to dress, what to eat, what to do, how to do, who to befriend, who to love, where to go to rest, what you did wrong, why you went wrong, how to go , how to sleep, how to breathe. In a word: EVERYTHING! They know everything, they have opinions and judgments for everyone, about everyone, about absolutely everything. There would be nothing serious about it if they kept their opinions, beliefs, points of view. But no! They can not! And they rush at you and start telling you what to do without asking in advance if you need their advice. They enter your life with dirty slippers (they don't know that they have to take off their shoes when they enter a man's soul!), They aggressively impose their opinions on you as if their own lives were in the middle, not your life. I think we all have such people around us, whether we are co-workers or in a circle of friends, or someone in the family.

So, omniscient man! Today I have a message for you!

Before making judgments, giving your opinion about someone or someone's life, don't forget, you only see what that person allows you to see. That's it! You do not know his pains, his wounds, his sufferings, his fears, his defeats. You don't know what was behind every decision you made. You do not know his sacrifices, nor his sleepless nights, nor the thousands of tears he cried, nor the pain hidden behind the smiles of politeness. Basically, you know NOTHING! Then why do you allow yourself to judge, to accuse, to condemn? Why? What makes you believe that you have the right to break into people's lives and souls? Who do you think You Are?

Stop thinking you know them all. Enter the lives of others only if you are convinced that you can help them, that you can hear them, understand them, that you can heal them. Most of the time people do not need reproaches, but understanding, a shoulder on which to rest their head full of thoughts, hugs, and a “Everything will be fine! I'm here with you! ” People need to know that someone really cares, that they accept them as they are, with flaws and qualities, with defeats and achievements. They need to know that they are accepted and loved for what they are, not for what they have.

No one owes you to be faithful, because you are faithful! No one owes you to feel sorry for you, to love you or to lend you money! The short lesson taught by a psychologist.

That means stop waiting. Understand that no one owes you anything and that will be the beginning of your dawn.

No one.

With nothing.

He's not in debt.

That simple…

Get rid of the illusion that you are a very important and significant person in the eyes of those you meet.

No one is obliged to love you, to offer you something, to make friends, to behave honestly and honestly with you.

No one owes you loyalty just because you are loyal to someone or something.

No one is obliged to help you, to give you your arm in difficult moments.

No one owes you to pity and reassure you.

To lend you money.

Listen to your stories and laugh at your jokes.

No one owes you to fill the void in your soul and the lack of ability to live without the presence of someone in your life.

No one is obliged to hire you because you are a good worker.

No one is obliged to take care of you and especially to give you a happy and carefree life.

No one is obliged to give you the same feelings.


With gratitude.

No one is obliged to act in the same way as you did to him.

You understand?

No one. Nothing. To you. You don't owe me.

Never and not at all.

Do you think this truth makes you darker and stiffer?


Not. Not. NOT.

Look at things differently.

It is about deep forgiveness.

Everything that happens in your life takes place thanks to your state of contentment and gratitude.

Now you will learn to appreciate the little things you ignored:

A good word.

Asking for help.

A smile.

In fact, the problem was in you, only in you.

Do you notice how good it is in the world when you don't cover everything around with expectations, with "I want" and "you owe me to"?

All people are good at heart. Let them be natural, without your expectations and evaluations. Thus everything will return to its places.

And this is very important in interpersonal relationships.

"If you love, let go…", this means that invaluable freedom, in which true love is born.

Respect the other's choice.

Don't try to anticipate and control everything. You don't like it, leave, but don't hurt someone else's life.

Nobody owes you anything.

This is the first step.

Go on without expectations.

Stop fighting everyone.

Injustice is gone and all that remains is gratitude for what you have in abundance and so wonderful.

Lightness and simplicity, that's what you need to feel.

Now you don't carry with you everything that permanently knocked you to the ground.

You are free now.

Free to listen and be quiet.

Just be free.

Nobody owes you anything.

And you don't need anyone or anything.

Live and love!

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Written by   8
5 months ago
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