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Nature and people

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7 months ago

Nature is a phenomenon that not all people understand. To some, exploiting it to the fullest can lead to disastrous effects over time. We already see that we don't know when and how it is summer or autumn, from 4 seasons as if it were two ...

If a few years ago we had heavy winters with a lot of snow, now we pray to see at least a thin layer and this is for the joy of the children ...

Ana (my eldest daughter) always tells me that we humans are evil because we don't care about nature. Every time I tell him he's right, if he sees a dog hit on the street, he tells me to take him to the vet.

I like that at only almost 7 years old he thinks like that and that he always makes sure that those around him are well. I always see her so small, but with a huge thought. He asks me all sorts of questions and honestly sometimes I don't know what to answer. A month or two ago, he came to me, to the kitchen, almost crying and asking me:

Mommy, but when you die, I'll have my family, how can I do without you?

At that moment, my heart stopped for a few seconds. I took her in my arms and told her that this is how it is left to God, we are born and die when it is written to happen. -But mommy will be hard without you! At that moment, I described our death to him as a season. All the trees make buds at the beginning, these are us when we are born, after which the leaves and flowers appear easily and then the fruit ...

There comes that moment when the fruit must be broken, the leaves dry and fall, but that's because next year they will sprout again. -I mean, will we see each other after you die, Mommy? Of course, my dear, even if we are no longer physically and will not see us, we will always be with you, we will watch over you from Heaven. I managed to calm her down a bit, so I started to be restless.

I had a thousand questions in my head, unanswered questions. How can a child already think about this?

I think maybe she's afraid of the moment when she'll be alone and she'll have to do everything on her own. Honestly, I really don't know, but it seemed like a very difficult question for her ... or rather for me. ... She took me by surprise and I was left with no answer to her question. I don't think I can explain it to her so that she can understand it much easier now.

Until then, we still have a lot of things to live on and things to enjoy. That's how I think we are like nature, this was my way of being able to explain to the child much easier to such a difficult question. But I hope she understood and over the years I am convinced that she will realize all the things that are now difficult for her to understand.

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Written by   8
7 months ago
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Greu de zis nu cred ca exista răspunsuri ușoare poate doar ca iai putea zice ca atunci când va avea familia ei va fi puternica stiind ca esti intrun loc mai bun sj mai frumos ca aici pe pământ și te va reîntâlni în acel loc atunci când Dumnezeu va hotara ca este acel moment 😃😅

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7 months ago