Letter from God

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1 year ago

"Have you often wondered where I am? You cried. Your heart was bleeding and your soul was crying for help. I was there, but you didn't see me. I was holding you in my arms, and you were looking back and crying because you couldn't see the marks next to yours. You thought I left you. You fell into despair believing that you would never get out of trouble. You shouted to the sky and only the echo of your voice answered. You fell to the ground defeated and discouraged….

I was there dear soul!

I carried you in my arms, otherwise you wouldn't have reached your destination. I was healing your soul while you threw stones at me. I was stroking you, while you were hurting me by saying I didn't exist! I was by your side, talking to you in a whisper trying to soothe your pain, but the noise in your soul kept you from hearing me. I was fighting with those who hit you, but you were blinded by pain and did not see me. I caressed your soul, but the hatred in your heart prevented you from feeling with me.

I was there meu .my darling. I'm ALWAYS next to you! Rest in your soul and you will hear me whisper words of relief. Let go of the thoughts of revenge and you will see me working hard.

Let me help you, my dear.

I am there with you and I am just waiting for you to open the door of your heart to me.

With love,

The one who carried you in his arms and still carries you,



Each of us plays his part on an instrument in this symphony of life. Problems arise when we want to interpret someone else's score. The life we ​​live is the prayer we offer to God. We are all surrounded, moment by moment, by divine love. Everyone's experience and life change other lives. Mission. There are no differences between us but those in our minds. The problem becomes a problem depending on the interpretation that my mind gives. No one is inferior to anyone else. We are mysteries of the great Mystery…

Man, stop looking through your lashes, all the clouds where thunder is heard and lightning are passing. Thoughts and emotions are ephemeral. Every human being is an icon and a gift to others. It never occurs to anyone to criticize a rainbow color: green is good, blue is sinful, red is shameful, yellow is proud. They are all shades of love. When you give up, life embraces you. How beautiful God sees you!

Forgive me, Lord, the tear left in the corner of my heart! Who am I without you?

It all starts and ends with "I love you"!

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1 year ago


Minunat aceasta scrisoare și atât de adevărată

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1 year ago

true, only our thoughts are different but in truth we are the same in the eyes of God. Everything exists from Him the almighty Jesus Christ.

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1 year ago

Cu credinta trecem peste orice obstacol. Asa am fost noi romanii invatati , sa ne rugam si sa credem in Dumnezeu. Ma bucur sa te cunosc Madalina!

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1 year ago