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If you want to get rid of bullying, educate your parents!

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5 months ago

Bullying, a phenomenon present all over the world, is in fact the act known to Romanians as a "mockery". That is, when a child mocks, laughs, talks, or acts of violence (physical, emotional, mental) against another child.

Everyone jumps up, but omits an important aspect of the vision: children work on the principle of "monkey see, monkey do", meaning they do what they see at home. I do not dispute that there are no results if we work on educating children, but I believe that the greatest education should be given to parents.

Exactly to those parents who have such children. If you do not behave like an aggressor at home or in society, when you are around the baby, he will not do the same.

Bullying is the harmful behavior of people with a greater or lesser inferiority complex. People who, since childhood, have not been loved, have not been given attention, care, trust, have in turn been mocked, discriminated against, ridiculed and so on, and now, when they are old enough, they begin to make a " dance of revenge ”on those around them. It is a method by which the aggressor, through bullying, tries to regain his power from others. He lost his power when he was assaulted by others. She was forcibly taken away. Now, feeling the other's weakness, she attacks him just to prove to herself that he can, that he is also strong. That he no longer has to bow his head, but can make another bow his head in front of him. And how else, than by force. Strength is the key word in bullying. The force destroys, it rushes, it's like a raging storm that leaves nothing behind. Destroy. It is the opposite of power. Power (helps) you, (raises) you, (helps) you to climb, to grow, to grow. And through bullying, the aggressors do not want the aggressors to get up, to have power, but to sit down, to be small - small, to have the aggressor the satisfaction that he is strong, can dominate and play those around him.

It's a psychological power game. Affirmation and reaffirmation. But in fact it is a behavior through which the aggressor shows how many unresolved traumas he has, and his manifestation is a cry for help. Unconscious, but it's a cry for help.

Returning to the idea that parents must first of all be educated: if you do not have such behaviors around the child, the child will not manifest them in society. He, the child, seeing you, big macho or big lady, talking badly about himself or about another person, then there are quite high chances for him to develop in himself attitudes by which to be the same with others.

It is the environment that shapes us. Unfortunately or fortunately. And the environment needs education. The child may have good parents, but if he is raised by nannies or grandparents who have exactly the behavior that no one would want, then the matter is clear.

The fathers of our century went out of their way to make money, to get jobs. I spend 10-12 hours in work like crazy and forget they made babies.

Someone told me the other day that he had heard from a teacher that parents often forget to go after their children. A lady had gone somewhere and forgotten to come for the baby. And it's not a singular case. I am firmly convinced that if we were to give a voice to teachers, we would have N such situations. Seriously?! Is that why you forget about them? Leave them with the nannies, throw them to the grandparents and God have mercy ?! Don't you realize that you are giving birth to souls who will grow up like zombies, without affection, without the manifestation of care, attention, love, and who enter society will behave in the same way ?! Then we wonder about the news that the baby killed his family.

Bullying is the cry of all those children who have bad examples at home. Who do not have love, care and attention. The ones that no one cares about, whether they have money and are dressed in Versace, or they are poor and with ragged pants.

Start at the root, that is, where they come from. Educate the root. I know we are all used to taking antibiotics if we get sick, but the bad part is that synthetic drugs (chemical and not natural) do more harm than good. It treats the effect and leaves the unresolved cause, so that after a while the unresolved cause manifests itself in the form of another disease.

So it is with children and bullying: in vain do you tell children (the effect) if you do not turn your attention to environmental education (the cause).

And one more thing to keep in mind: all bullying is the result of our collective work. Of all the people who thought that if they had money, cars, houses, company clothes, status, they could offer everything they didn't have to their children, they did something.

Brethren, I didn't succeed. Instead of putting value on the material, now the material falls on us like an avalanche. We need time and attention. Whether we are 5, 15 or 50 years old. We are endowed with souls. Souls feed on emotions, feelings, not money and wealth. With money and wealth you nourish the body, but if the soul is weakened in vain you still have a body.

Stop for 10 minutes and look behind you: relive all those memories in which you felt fantastic around your loved ones. Remember how nice it was to have time. When the run was on the playground and not for money and opportunities. Head for the beautiful part of life. You are already in the black and energy consuming. Go to you and your families. Show them your care and love. And all bullying will heal on its own. Because we will no longer have people with the need to prove, but only people capable of loving and accepting. Sounds good, doesn't it ?!

Give it a try, enjoy!

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Written by   8
5 months ago
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