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If you have succeeded in life, do not cling to the failures of another

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7 months ago

When a man manages to do something that required a lot of effort, pride begins to work in him. The one who loses weight, looks with contempt at fats, and the one who has quit smoking twists his contemptuous nose when another is still swaying in his vice. If one diligently represses his sexuality, he looks with contempt and pride at the sinner, who is struggling to get rid of sin, but his instinct takes precedence! What we do can defile us more than sin itself. What we get can upset our emotional landmarks in such a way that it fills our souls with venom.

The money that comes to us can make us arrogant and stingy, as success can turn us into the frightening abyss of soul passions. The road to love narrows when we look at others from the height of the eagles in flight. The gentleness of the heart dries up the spells of contempt, hatred and pride, if the soul is not ready to receive its success with the modesty and grace of a flower. Everything we do for ourselves and bring us energy is meant to return to those who are still struggling in suffering and sin.

Our eyes are not designed for contempt, but to express with them the image of love that strives to come out of our souls.

If you suppress hunger while fasting, your hunger will increase. Your mind will dream of tasty and chosen foods, your mind will feel the most appetizing smells even in your sleep, so that the next day, mad with frustration, to compensate for its lack by a defiant contempt for the one who does not fast. Then, fasting becomes an occasion for pride, for expressing pride and for triumphing over lusts. But, above all, pride remains pride, and the feeling of frustration confirms it.

If you have succeeded in life, do not cling to the failures of another, so as not to awaken in yourself the fierce worm of pride and passion for arrogance. Success is the energy of love and your ability to accept life, but it does not remain still, it is not like a mountain or an ocean. The arrogance and pride of success bring you down, little by little, from your base, because they draw on the sky of your life events specific to them.

Lose weight, rejoice and be silent! Quit smoking, enjoy and be quiet! Clean your yard, enjoy the cleanliness and leave the neighbor's garbage where the neighbor himself put it. Because there is a hidden relationship between the neighbor and the garbage in the yard, some emotions that you do not know, feelings that you will never suspect and causes that will remain, perhaps, forever hidden in your mind and heart.

There is a hidden relationship between the fat man and his fat. An agreement. A secret. A misunderstood feeling. An unconsumed emotion. A rejected love. Fat is the teacher of fat. Vice is the teacher of the vicious. And, in our lives there are no teachers more severe than our vices and incapacities.

Now I know, I know that any hatred, any aversion, any young mind of evil, any lack of mercy, any lack of understanding, goodwill, sympathy, any behavior with people that is not at the level of grace and tenderness of a Mozart minuet… is a sin and a filth; not only murder, wounding, hitting, robbing, swearing, driving away, but any vulgarity, disregard, any bad search, any contempt, any bad mood is from the devil and spoils everything. Now I know, I found out too…

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Written by   8
7 months ago
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