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How do I teach my child that the world is a beautiful place even if there are wars, famines

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8 months ago

For many days I wanted to write this article about parents, children, bad and good, and how we parents can shape their image so that they can see the world. I don't have the absolute truth, not even close, I'm just setting out my example, maybe it's useful.

The catalyst was a message received from an acquaintance about how we humans are just jumping in certain situations, I don't think it was a criticism (only) of me and I didn't take it personally, but it made me think.

I don't think that's how the person was trying to paint my life and people, I think we're jumping in any situation based on our personal values.

Of course, we will jump more to events and situations that affect us more on a personal level, for example when something happens around us, to a family member, to a dear friend.

We also react to events that are not related to someone you know, such as:

a person who has grown up in material deprivation will help where there is hunger,

a person without parents will help orphans,

a person who loves animals will help with animal shelters with money

It's a choice not to do anything.

It's a choice not to do anything.

It's a choice not to do anything.

It is the choice of each person to do something and not an obligation (more than moral). There are people who say that they give taxes, and from that money the authorities, the state, or anyone can do what they want and they don't give anything to anyone "for free", just as there is no need to comment on someone's personal choice.

BUT to comment when someone chooses on personal money, on personal time, using their personal resources to help a case that is different from what we would do is…. difficult to qualify.

Okay, let's move on.

I was talking to my little girl that it's OK to have different opinions like "let's agree to disagree" and that sometimes we have to clean up our friends list, invest our time where it makes sense.

I also told him that one's opinion must always be respected!

We can analyze, we can debate, it is ok if we do not reach the same conclusion because we are different BUT evil, envy, selfishness, and any other emotions that do us no good we are not obliged to accept them, nor to fight them. That's why we're looking to have friends we're compatible with.

I told him that I had received a message that saddened me in tone and message, but that I had not entered into controversy. I told her that I am sad to see that there are parents who give their children ideas about an ugly and bad world, in which people accuse each other instead of being united, with people who instead of building something stand aside and comment with malice - that is, it would be better not to spread evil.

I think these are people who suffer and feel the need to look for the worst in the world to bring to the surface, to point the finger, to condemn, to put in the middle of the "market" or social media messages their sensational evidence with the message that "you don't think / you're a fool / woe to your head… etc" if you don't see those things so clear that they see easily and quickly and in their goodwill they try to align you too, to get rid of stupidity collective in which you splashed brainwashed by everyone around you (all but them, of course). God forbid you see things differently!

What seeds do I plant in my baby? What is my goal through the examples I give him?

Let me show you that problems are solved.

Let me teach her that when someone needs it, she can help to do it wholeheartedly, because even a little help can have a big effect on those who need it.

Let me teach her that this world is a wonderful place and that if she has problems, people like me and her will jump to her aid.

Good and evil live together, as well as light and darkness, as well as many others, they stand out from each other but we appreciate what we choose in our lives.

Good and evil live together, as well as light and darkness, as well as many others, they stand out from each other but we appreciate what we choose in our lives.

I want and hope that every day he wakes up with a smile on his face, to be a good man, happy, generous, fulfilled.

I am aware that through the words she hears from me, through the conversations I have with others, through the way I relate to various things, I build her filters of life, values, beliefs, including blockages.

We parents are the first example in their lives.

It is difficult for us to let go of certain aspects that we have grown up with, I know, but we have to think that we are preparing them for the future.

If we are critical, eternally dissatisfied, if we constantly comment on the evil in the world we let them see this part of life, we draw their attention to it, we let them internalize these things that of course are there, but what do we prepare them for? What do we want to see and look for in life? Which of the two parts of life?

We can show them the other side of life, the beautiful part in which good overcomes evil, in which love overcomes negative feelings, in which they are safe.

I think they have the right to be confident, kind, generous, wise, happy!

We will have successful children, because we care!

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Written by   8
8 months ago
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my friend, your children are very beautiful and cute, educate them properly and don't let them down because parental supervision is important.

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8 months ago