Golden rules that would be great to guide you through in life

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1 year ago

1. To see God in every movement, to hear God in every sound, to feel God in every touch, for God exists in all existing and non-existent forms.

2. To love the Universe and everything related to it because we are all ONE and we are connected.

3. The reality of each one is as everyone creates it. All moments and experiences already exist, but in order to manifest them we must vibrate properly. Thoughts and emotions form the vibration. The state of being makes it come to your reality.

4. We are spiritual beings, not physical bodies or minds. We are Divine beings who came to earth to experience who they really are.

5. We are LOVE each of us, we just need to be aware of this to experience it.

6. There is no right or wrong, right or wrong, there is only what exists and we must accept that, especially collectively. For our lives we have the power to choose what we want to experience. For others we have the power to accept all the realities they create.

7. Every being is free and has a free will. Do not violate anyone's free will. Each in his own way. Who you can help, do it with pleasure and involvement. Who doesn't, is free to choose any other option.

8. You live your life making choices inspired by love, happiness, joy, without having outside expectations. Let life surprise you. Everything that comes into your life is for your supreme good.

9. Live in the present and enjoy every moment that comes your way, every sunrise, every breeze, whether you eat, stay in nature, stay with your friends or stay on social networks. Live it to the fullest!

10. Everything you want already exists inside you. Listen to your soul and intuition and from now on everything you do will be in line with it.

11. Meditate, say statements, pray, grow, and discover yourself. Love yourself and behave as you know you already are.

12. Forgive everyone and everyone, including yourself. Every day he forgives and blesses those around him.

13. Enjoy the success of others as your own, we are all ONE, connected, so the success of another is also your success.

14. You reflect in the mirror with the help of the people around you. Each person is a mirror of yours. You see yourself through another person, and so does he.

15. Observe life in terms of joy, happiness, love, beauty. Whatever happens in your life is based on this observation.

16. Your physical body is improved every day and looks exactly the way it is.

17. Choose to be yourself every day, to connect with yourself, to love and respect yourself. By doing this you will enter the wonderful world of the deliberate creation of life.

18. Intend to bring light, joy, knowledge, peace, and love to every person you meet.

19. You are an unlimited being who can be, have, do whatever he imagines.

20. All the things that stand in your way are because you attracted them and because you identified with them. If you don't like your life, change direction.

"Modesty is the business card of the smart man. You don't have to go all the way to your destination. Take the first step and you will know the next one. One morning, an old street sweeper was introduced to a young man who wanted to learn the craft of sweeping. The young man took the broom in his hand, but when he looked into the distance and saw how long the street was, he became discouraged and said, "We will not finish sweeping this street in two days, let alone in one day. I give up." . And he sat sadly on the sidewalk. Then the old man said to him: "Well, you don't have to look at the end of the street, because that way you never do anything again and sit aside. One more wine, one more brandy, one more cigarette and you wait for time to pass, convinced that it is not possible. Not so! Take the broom in your hand and don't look ahead! Just look down, turn left with the broom, turn right with the broom. Left-right, left-right and, without realizing it, you've reached the end of the street ". See today, here, now, what you have to do and without realizing it you reach the end of the street. "(H. Filipescu)

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Putting God first at all times and starting every plan is the best to build a life towards success.

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Minunat articol și cu multe lucruri folositoare mai ales ultimul citat se potrivește excelent atunci când vrei sa încurajezi pe cineva descurajat punându-l sa facă ceea ce crede ca nu poate fără a se gândi la acest lucru 🙂😃

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