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From deep self-forgiveness it was only a single step to loving myself totally with acceptance, joy and gratitude. Because after you have healed and cleansed, love settles in its favorite place - in you. In your whole being.

I realized then that just as I have the power to forgive myself in pieces and in totality, I am also the one who can bring love, pleasure, relaxation, pampering, joy, gratitude, balance, harmony, abundance, fulfillment, happiness into my body .

How was it possible that I could do this? Because in this whole process of forgiveness and self-love, the difference made me believe that it is possible, to believe that I deserve to forgive myself, to believe that I deserve to receive and offer my love, to believe that that I am able to generate self-love, to believe and trust that I have all the resources and tools to know how and in what way, to believe that it is my right to forgive and love myself. The difference was made by the simple fact that I gave myself permission, just as I allowed so many other people to do it with me and my body. And now I turn all my experience to you and ask you:

Do you think you deserve to receive your love?

Do you think about yourself that you are worthy to give and receive your love?

Do you believe that it is possible and permissible for you to receive your love and forgiveness?

Do you allow yourself to forgive yourself?

Do you allow yourself to love yourself too?

Because the answer to all these questions is YES! This is the beneficial truth for you, woman! The one you deserve, it is possible and it is your right to forgive yourself, love yourself and value yourself.

You with you.

you you

You for yourself.

You being present in you!

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