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We are in the information age and modern technology has evolved quite a lot but it would be better to stay a little and think about the impact of social networks in our lives.

Are they good our morale? It really helps, as they were designed from the outset? They are really useful or is a waste of time and a source of sadness?

If before people sent their letters which handwritten and wait a few weeks to reach their destination, today with just a few clicks you can contact real time someone halfway around the world.

Behold beat technology space and time without problems, which is a big plus, right?

Is this a benefit of humanity? Clear yes. But unfortunately, the Internet has a dark side which is quite dangerous. Those who do not learn to beware of the pitfalls of social networking, end up being frustrated and dissatisfied with their lives.

Involuntarily they compare to the "better" than them and begin to feel envy, malice or despair.

When you see luxury exposes others videos as you go and you just live from hand to mouth, it is understandable that you get to feel small and insignificant in this world so great.

And somewhere louder you think you've been wronged / D of this cruel fate.

What can we do to avoid this evil I am social networks?

How can we avoid the psychological poison that Facebook, Instagram or TikTok a spreading each scroll through feeds your account?

I will try to discuss in this article, so I invite you to read carefully until the end and tell me in a comment your opinion about this topic.

Today, it seems that Facebook is starting to lose kind of popularity and more and more people migrate to Youtube and more recently by TikTok platform.

I had seen a documentary about TikTok application which stated that every day millions of people around the world create their account on this application. At least at the level of 2022, when writing this article, this is the reality.

"It means he has a huge success, good for them!" you could say, but that is the substrate of the behavior of users accounts on social networks?

People are used primarily to run after everything is FREE. So we made, psychologically, we are very happy when we receive something ready.

Any gift, any benefit for which you pay nothing makes us vibrate with emotion and to awake out of sleep everyday monotony. Become energetic and enthusiastic.

However, there are thousands of people who have no account on social networks. They are cut off from the virtual reality. I do not know and have never heard or perhaps do not care about it.

Others are so clumsy phone that does not know how to install an app and create an account on Facebook, for example.

Some are old and simply are not accustomed to XXI century technology.

Others have not a smartphone, so are poor financially!

They are privileged in any way that they have or will not have access to this virtual world? We shall see.

Whether you fit the guild who have accounts on popular social networks or not, the Internet world governing your life without you. Social networks and the impact is felt in your life, in one way or another.

Think of your bank card that you manage through a mobile phone application. Or transactions you make on your laptop or computer. You would not want, of any technology. And if you do that, you are very close to have contact with social networks. Sometimes I have no choice and are forced / D to do this, you might even need to work to collaborate with such a network.

However, how you use the most popular social networks distinguish between good and evil that they produce.

Today, almost all business sites need an online presence to have greater success.

Once we have dealt with pandemic Covid-19 and such restrictions imposed by the majority or immersed in Netflix movies, TV programs, or have all sorts content on YouTube and other social networks.

Before we go any further, I want you to think about the following: social networks are made up of nothing but people. So it reflects the mentality of those who make it up. Hence results and impact of social networks.

Facebook, Tik-Tok's Youtube site are nothing more than large chunks of cyberspace where millions of people like me and you create content and publish various types there every day.

Some possible public bullshit, others seek to create value with which to inform and truly help others have a better life and to succeed in life positive aim.

We all form these social networks without us humans, they would have no practical purpose and could not exist.

Think you have a Facebook account. What you do with it? Perhaps you hold to talk to family and friends via Messenger, to publish some great photos with you or to them "spy" on others and see what they have done.

The bad news is that what we choose to publish sometimes there is so artificial and fake that it characterizes us as we really are. We want our lives we manifest perfection but in reality, we are so imperfect! And not a bad thing because you are imperfect. It is actually very good because in this way you are forced / D to evolve and change.

Many people consider Facebook or TikTok is an alter ego of their own, which can be simply perfect and show what nor reality.

Others, like me, think that these social networks were designed to spread useful information and help the world, preferably by post positive and inspiring.

The conclusion is that all social networks are made up of people and thus reflects the result of each character and mentality. Here's how to form social networks impact people's lives.

Sure some postings violate these platforms and therefore are removed and the user is blocked. These are extreme cases.

However they came to these virtual communities in which we spend our time? May our good are they for?

We got to have a separate life on social networks and some simply feel that there unless they have a presence online.

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