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Dear father girl&boy ❤️

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5 months ago

💜 Dear father girl,

When you treat your daughter calmly and respectfully, you learn that she deserves nothing less than respect from others. And this will help her to carefully choose road partners with whom to grow on all levels.

When you're there and she wants you to play prince and princess, or when she wants you to teach her how to drive a nail or watch you fix the car, you show her that it's not just about pliers shoes, it's about you feel good "in your slippers", whoever you are, whatever passions you have.

When she jumps into your arms in tears and you allow her to bring out how she feels, you learn that sometimes it is okay to cry, and other times to tear down walls and prejudices through your courage and strength. There is a right time for everything!

💜 Dear father of the boy,

When you hold your child in your arms and caress his hair, you do not make him softer. Our boys need to remind them that being strong does not mean not looking vulnerable. And the muscle of empathy, of love, of sensitivity must be trained just like any other muscle.

When you play with him and enter his creative scenarios, you do not raise him "childish" or "unserious", but show him that life can be, in equal measure, play and joy, but also seriousness and discipline.

When you tell him, "I'm here if you need to talk," he learns that his opinion matters and that what he has to say can change the world for the better. A child who is listened to when he is young becomes an adult who knows how to listen to others and make their lives more serene.

Children need to be loved as they are, because when they feel accepted, they feel safe and have the courage to build the life they deserve!

"Sorry. Forgive me! ”

These are some of the strongest words.

When we look our children in the eye and tell them this, they learn that they deserve respect - and our respect, and that of those around us. Moreover, they learn to show their respect and recognize when they have made a mistake.

When we ask for forgiveness, when we tell them "I was wrong!" we do not lose the respect of our children, but we gain it in infinite "quantities" for life.

❤️ Motherly love is hidden in small things.

When you cook his favorite food that he ate yesterday with gusto, but today he tells you that he doesn't like it, so you do something else for him, because you want him to eat enough,

When you can no longer stand tired, but you still read his favorite story a third time, because you know how important your evening routine is to him,

When you sit by his pillow at night to caress him so that the fever goes away, even though your temples burn with stress and exhaustion, because you know that you give him security and that your kisses are stronger than any medicine,

When you no longer know who to listen to and you see that everyone has an opinion, so you choose to listen to your heart, even if you are afraid of making mistakes and you have thousands of thoughts,

When he cries and hits and tells you things that make you angry, but you think of his sadness, more than yours…

"That's what love looks like."

Because love is not given,

Love is not taken,

Love simply is.

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Written by   8
5 months ago
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