Amazing Planet

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We live on an amazing planet. We are surrounded by plants, animals, seas, oceans, insects, birds and humans. Wherever we look, we see breathtaking scenery. Who among us has not admired the sunset, rainbow after rain or a butterfly on a flower gathering nectar? And how beautiful view of snow-capped mountains or a field of blooming chamomile. Each day brings something unusual and bright in our lives.

Man and nature are inextricably linked. A person not only lives in the nature, but regularly uses its resources. But the desire for comfort not only kill the love of nature, but nature itself. Many believe simply that owes everything human nature.

Using natural resources should at least cherish them and to treat Mother Nature as a human being. Love for nature must be inculcated from childhood.

Nature is inherently unpredictable. A day can give a gentle sun, the other can bring a destructive element. Even ancient thinkers noticed that nature can wreak. It gives life and in one world can take.

Nature often plays the role of a psychologist and soothing. Nothing helps you understand better than solitude with nature. Nature is the best place for fun and relaxation. A picnic with family or friends is much better than going to the cinema or restaurant.

Nature and told a woman: be nice if you can, wise if you want, but you must be careful by all means.

Mind and common sense will help you find the beauty, wisdom and happiness.

Woman born is closest to nature: it is the very nature itself on the one hand and on the other hand the man himself.

A woman is a continuation of nature, which means a continuation of life.

Nature - as a woman, is not subject to any indication.

The cycle of nature there is no victory or defeat: there is movement.

Even when it seems that nature sleeps, she actively forward.

Nature and beauty are inherently one. Nature pleases the eye at any time of the day, you can admire the sunset endless mystery, magic night, morning freshness and movement day ... appreciates, loves and take care of nature!

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Splendide imagini Da planeta noastră este una foarte frumoasă doar ca nu reușim mereu sa sa înțelegem.importanta de a avea grija de ea totuși speranța moare ultima 😄

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