A Lost DREAM...

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1 year ago

- a lost dream?

Warm summer mornings always remember childhood days when I would wake up early in the morning and I ran to the friends.

Barely got to eat something during the day, only the mother's entreaties:

-Mădă, come and eat!

-Not hungry. Stay and play.

And all states ... .de morning until the sun went to sleep.

Playing hide-and-seek, hopscotch, salt thread, ducks and hunters, baba muuulte blind and other games that kept us all engaged, nerisipind single gram of energy.

I remember very fondly those days have memories worth as told and bloopers. We enjoy the simple things but we realize that happiness could ... simply.

With disappointment, say that technology never ceases to appear a month passes and performance made the most children forget what the park means real social life, which means movement and fresh air, falls, fights insignificant matches football and reconciliation with the sweet taste of chocolate.

Computer games, all actions that do nothing but distract the kids from reality, generating memories? What will be told when they are adults?

Children are not to blame. No blame can no parents who lack time no longer afford to spend an hour playing with their own children. Perhaps society has become too shallow and shape their attitude and behavior depending on what cell phone you have, how you spend your free time, etc.

Technology has its purpose, but that's too much hurt.

When I was little, I wanted so much to be a "great man", that now I realize that the most beautiful days were then, when I woke up with sunrise and went to sleep when Star appear in the sky.

Let each child to taste the flavor of childhood. Nobody relived those days, no matter how much they wanted.

Every age has its magic.

"A child can always teach an adult three things: how to be happy for no reason, right never sit still and how to press for what he wants." - Paulo Coelho


More or less, each has a lesson of courage in life.

Media promotes this kind of people, heroes who save other people's lives, but heroes did not need help? They who are helped?

However, where does the impulse to act when we are afraid?

Some works even without thinking that their deed carries serious consequences on their lives and thus the feelings of loved ones.

How many times have you tried to get your courage to act in a any way? And whenever the scene you give back? Courage is a momentum just moments, no matter how many plans you've done before, nothing comes out as you imagined.

So, after all, where does the courage?

It appears desires!

The desire to:

He says someone something

-to save someone's life

-to be regarded as a hero

-to be loved

-to you can demonstrate that more

-to be free

-to help people

-to change our lives

-to left alone, etc.

It is these desires expressed in the form of this beautiful feeling increases our confidence noi.Curajul stubbornness is like a child to do the opposite what parents said: As I say more not approach the fire, the more he frige.Asta's life cycle will not evolve if we have the courage to act.

What are the consequences of inaction? Regrets! And if we are honest, we recognize that each went regrets in life. Rather than ask "what would have happened if ...?", Better to live our end of life smile and fulfillment facts.

I wish you a lot of courage in realizing your dreams!

Because before you can, you have to WANT!

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1 year ago


I agree that to get a good future we must act and start habits that can support the goals of life that we will achieve, leaving behind the wasteful ways of time.

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