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10 steps on the path of personal development

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4 months ago

The path of personal development is always at hand, but most people see it only when they are at a crossroads of life, when they realize that the change of direction is a fact that can no longer be ignored.

I usually say that life whispers to us every day, but the tumult in which we live does not allow us to hear his call, then he screams, hoping that it will attract our attention, and in the end he strikes and puts us face to face with change.

Choices define and transform us, dreams motivate us, and the desire to contribute raises our vibration. Limiting beliefs put brakes on us, emotional baggage makes our journey difficult, but when we realize that we are indebted to no one, and that perhaps our only obligation is to enjoy life and imprint the world with our own gifts hidden in the treasure of the heart, our journey lights up .

10 steps on the path of personal development

  • 1=Who are you? Answer this question honestly. Beyond the roles you play on the stage of life, beyond the masks you choose to protect yourself or please your loved ones, who are you? What do you keep hidden in the depths of your heart? If everything were possible, what would your life look like? What does fulfillment mean to you?

  • 2=Discover your values ​​and choose to live in harmony with them. Do not allow anyone to violate them and do not step on them for someone. Look at the things you appreciate, but also at the frustrations of life, so it will be much easier for you to list five values ​​and allow them to guide you. For example, if lying and omission drive you crazy, one of your values ​​is sincerity. Choose to practice it every day and surround yourself with people for whom this is a sacred practice, otherwise frustration will be the indispensable element in your life.

3=What do you really want? What is the great dream of your life? Let these questions guide you, take the pen in your hand and write down 100 things to do in life. Please don't stop until you make the whole list, then put it on display and celebrate each success.

  • 4=Set goals that are relevant to you. Be aware that fulfilling your dreams must be a priority, and personal evolution a certainty. Find that "WHY" strong enough to lead you to success and help you overcome inevitable barriers along the way. Understand that different results require different actions, so rely on courage and perseverance, give up those activities that steal your time and energy, and turn your attention to the steps to success. Divide the big goal into smaller goals and choose to act in the desired direction.

  • 5=Get inspired by the people who have succeeded. Read the biography of successful people and choose to work with a coach or mentor. Benefiting from support and a different perspective in the moments of balance is very important.

6=Identify your negative emotions and release them. Inner cleansing is necessary, releasing the weight of your emotional baggage may give you wings. Make peace with the past, integrate forgiveness into your life and allow yourself to dream, act with courage and live beautifully. I recommend psychotherapy and practicing the EFT technique. I strongly believe they will help you.

  • 7=Cultivate positive thoughts. Choose to see the beauty of each person who enters your life, enjoy the gifts of nature, appreciate your body, look with love at you. Use mantras to raise your vibration. The Ho’oponopono method can help. And the positive statements created by Louise Hay, too. Include meditation in the scheme.

  • 8=Keep a journal. It will help you get rid of the tumult of repetitive thoughts every day, be more aware of the direction they are taking you, and have more power to implement the changes that are needed. Writing is pure therapy, and journaling is the confidant who does not betray.

  • 9=Practice gratitude. Start each day with an appreciative look at life and end it with a list of 10 things for which you express your gratitude. Remember that the positive and the negative cannot dwell in your mind at the same time. Appreciate the wealth you already have and the good things will increase in your life.

Read, sing, dance, paint, enter into communion with nature… choose to be the best version of yourself! Enjoy every day, be the main character in your life!

  • 10=Invest in yourself and allocate time for everything that makes your heart happy. Investing in yourself must be your priority, realizing that skills and knowledge will serve you on the path you will follow. Balance the work-fun relationship in your life. Rely on skills and passions, try new things and dare to embrace change, even if many people will not like you anymore. People sift through and it is normal to be like that, some accompany us for a while, and others are our comrades for life.

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4 months ago
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