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UpGood: Earn USDT

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I'm always on a hunt for genuine ways to make money online. So it wasn't a surprise I came upon a new platform which I have tried and confirmed that it's legit and paying its users at the moment. I have used the platform and received my first withdrawal. Without further ado let me introduce you to the platform - UpGood.

About UpGood

UpGood is a platform that pays users to perform simple tasks like watching and liking Facebook and Tiktok videos.

Where does the money come from?

UpGood claims to have a commercial agreement with Facebook (for 20 years) and TikTok that offers them 10% of the filial piety fees paid by Facebook and Tiktok merchants. From this, they reward their members for completing tasks on the platform.

Register here.

Getting Started In Upgood

Joining the platform Is simple. All you need is your smartphone and a TRC20 USDT wallet address.

That's all, simple right! After this, you can start completing daily tasks to earn.

Recommended Apps

  • Telegram

  • Crypto wallet (Trust wallet/Binance/Others)

  • Facebook and/or Tiktok (optional, as you can use your phone browser)

Earning on Upgood

It's simple, all you have to do is sign up for free, perform simple daily tasks and earn in USDT!

  1. Newbie Bonus of 1 USDT

New users on the platform get a chance to claim $1 worth of USDT after registration.

Here is how to claim the 1 USDT:

  • After signing up, press the "Task" tab to visit the tasks page.

  • Select the very first task on the page - the Newbie Task of 1 USDT.

  • Click or press "forward" which will direct you to a page where you will be required to copy the exclusive link and download a picture.

  • Visit your Facebook account and post the link you copied, uploading the downloaded picture as the post image. And screenshot the Facebook post.

  • Return to the upgood task page and click on "service". This will redirect you to their customer service Telegram group.

  • Send the Facebook post screenshot on the Telegram page.

  • Lastly, return to the Upgood task page and click on submit to complete the task. The task will be placed under review. It can take a few minutes to 24 hours for it to be confirmed and your account will be credited with 1 USDT.

  • Lastly, screenshot the Facebook post,

  • And lastly, take a screenshot and send it to their Telegram group, then after some hours, you will receive your free 1 USDT.

  1. Daily Task

New users on the platform are automatically placed on level 0. Level 0 users are users without investment and earn USDT for free by performing simple daily tasks. They get only 5 tasks daily, and each task is worth $0.10 except for the first task after registration which is worth $1. So on your first day on the platform will earn $1.40 after performing all 5 tasks - watching 10 seconds of Tiktok or Facebook videos.

How to perform daily tasks and earn after registration:

  • Press the task tab to see the list of tasks for the day.

  • Select either Facebook or Tiktok

  • Choose any task on the list.

  • After watching the few seconds video, return to the upgood page and press submit

  • Your submitted task will be placed under review and when completed in a few minutes, your account will be credited with the task amount which is usually $0.10 for users on level 0.

  • Repeat the above steps to complete all tasks for the day.

To earn more, you have to upgrade to the VIP package.

Level Upgrades (VIP)

As mentioned earlier, earning on level 0 is free (without investment) and limited to 10 days per account. But to increase your earning and longevity on the platform, you can upgrade to VIP levels 1 to 4. To upgrade, you have to investment stipulated amount of USDT which varies based on the levels.

You can also earn referral rewards

  1. Referral Rewards

This earning option is only available to VIP members - users that have upgraded to any of levels 1 to 4. They earn a certain percentage commission on their referrals upgrade fee.

They earn up to three tiers (3 generations)

  • First generation (direct referrals) = 15%

  • Second generation (VIP users referred by your referrals) = 5% commission.

  • Third generation (VIP users referred by your second-generation referrals) = 3% commission.

So as a free member, level 0 user, you will earn $0 even if you refer millions of users.

Withdrawing your Upgood Earnings

Before requesting for withdrawal, ensure you edit your USDT information by adding your USDT wallet address.

To add your USDT wallet address;

  • Click or select "My" tab at the bottom of the homepage.

  • Select "Personal information"

  • Select "edit the USDT info"

  • Copy and paste your TRC 20 USDT address from Trust wallet or Binance in the space provided. Enter the answer to your personal question.

  • Click or press "submit" to complete.

To request for withdrawal;

  • Click or press "My" tab at the bottom right of the homepage.

  • Click or press "Apply for withdrawal"

  • Enter the amount of USDT and your password.

  • Then click on "submit" to finalise the transaction.

The minimum withdrawal is 1 USDT and you will receive your withdrawal within 24 hours.

My Withdrawal Proof

Before writing the post, I made a withdrawal of 1 USDT to confirm if the platform pays before sharing with others. I received the withdrawal after some hours.

Note that

  1. Your UpGood login " Username" is your account email address or phone number.

  2. Ensure you edit your USDT information, adding your USDT wallet address (TRC20) before applying for withdrawal.

  3. Take note of your "Encrypted answer" and your account password. You will need the initial when editing your UpGood USDT information and the latter when requesting a withdrawal.

  4. Withdrawals are only available between 9:00 to 22:00 UTC and the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 USDT.

Closing Thoughts

I have tested the platform and have confirmed that it pays for now. I have received my first withdrawal of 1USDT and it took less than 24 hours. upGood platform is active and paying its members at the moment, but there is no guarantee how long the platform will be active. You can earn up to 5 USDT as a free member (level 0 without investment). To earn more, you have to invest at your own risk.

Click here to sign up and claim the free 1 USDT

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Written by   478
3 days ago
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I will try this out seems legit as they pay free users too and minimum withdraw is as low as 1 USDT.

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3 days ago

I already signed up for this. saw this on Jane's post on, though i haven't explored it yet and reading your post helped a lot. Thank you

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2 days ago

Scam and the payment was canceled via telegram asking kyc quite dangerous and if you do not want kyc you have to buy a premium account

$ 0.00
2 days ago

Gotta try this. Thank you for sharing your finds :)

$ 0.00
3 days ago

But show on my screen. Password is incorect during regestrition

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3 days ago