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Dramatist Stage: Friday Night

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Written by   735
1 year ago
Topics: Life

Life's but a theatre - we all share a stage.

We read the same book but are on a different page.

We act what we see, but are not of the same age.

Life's but a theatre - with the world as its stage.

Life's all a scene,

A brief dramatic scene.

Stage love is unending,

In form of art to be seen.

Behold the world, a world of grey,

Broken apart and scattered away.

It's only a play, so tripping is Okay.

Shadowing a posey along the way.

A strike is work,

A lot of work!

And running a crew,

Thank God!

And what do we have here?

An open-air empty Theater?

The usual silence everywhere.

Cosmic energy here and there.

The sky sparkled with dust of stars,

The fragrance of moonlight wafted the air.

Now, with a surfacing of frenzy fans,

The smell of popcorns fills the air.

Lighting, but not bright.

Something connects - the stage to the sky.

Hiding behind the camera and dim-twilight,

Everyone must leave in the dark of the night.

On this raised divine art platform,

Miracles will be performed here today.

Searching the stage of life where you could perform.

The light jets are theatre and ready for a play.

This site is my private Theater,

But lives here and welcomes us all!

At the beginning and the end,

There's always the footlight that dims and fades,

And Characters dissolves.

In the theatre of life,

We all act in this play.

This Concert, with all of your hopes and dreams,

Slowly felt mute, the shadow theatre.

A lifeless theatre without make-ups and costumes,

At the background and the dress rooms.

In the theatre of the creator,

And warm air of all audiences,

This Theater of nothingness,

This loneliness.

An open ground, dark as the night.

Suddenly comes to life - the light is lit!

I hear the music playing faintly.

Shh...! The movie's about to start!

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Written by   735
1 year ago
Topics: Life
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Wow! I am impressed! I can't write poems so this really impresses me. Well-written! This is my favorite so far.

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1 year ago

Nice, and love the flows

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

How do I promote this article?

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1 year ago

Creative and meaningful article. Spiritual system, you have described life well

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1 year ago


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1 year ago