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5 ways blockchain is a fintech made easy tool

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2 months ago

It is important to know that most businesses and industries today have resorted to a new dimension in their administrative functions.

Digital administration in our contemporary times, has become the new normal. Hence, institutions seek a digital means to carry out their activities.

Thanks to technology for the introduction of blockchain which is the way out for industries, especially finance-related industries.

If it is digital, it is therefore meant to be faster, easier and smarter. There are a lot of technologies that serve as business-made easy tools today in commercial businesses, especially in Fintech.

One inevitable technology tool in the Fintech industry today is blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology can be regarded as a catalyst in the financial field as it helps to make activities go on faster as at when due.

Blockchain technology is playing an irreplaceable role in the financial sector.

In so many ways, blockchain has helped in improving the productivity and system of administration of Fintech companies.

Stating it clearly, life has become easier and better in the financial sector since the implementation of blockchain technology into the system. There is a drastic reduction in the manual manipulation of figures.

Blockchain has made the interaction from company to company a lot easier, secured, and most importantly transparent.

Applying the blockchain approach is a very cost-efficient technique as the technology in so many ways reduces the costs of execution of transactions.

To be able to digest the concept of blockchain technology, let's understand what blockchain is all about.

The concept of blockchain technology

Blockchain is a technological database that is used for keeping records of different kinds of information that cannot be altered or manipulated.

The technology behind blockchain is in the form that information stored in the database cannot be manipulated or altered.

Blockchain has been the easiest and cost effective means of recording transactions and avoiding the common failures of a middle man factor.

Blockchain is the brain behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are created in such a way that makes them decentralized so that there won't be control by any authority of any sort.

Roles of Blockchain technology in the financial sector

Implementation of blockchain technology into the financial sector has shone more light on that sector as well as other related sectors.

Blockchain technology plays the following roles.

1. Makes for secure transactions.

Blockchain technology is simply security redefined. The technology has helped in eliminating failures and alterations of data and figures by eliminating unnecessary middlemen who are the major factors for the falsification of figures and facts.

2. It makes for a transparent environment

The working environment of blockchain is simply transparent. Since the system does not employ the services of middlemen, it remains unaltered and produces facts and figures that are true.

3. Privacy

This is a big challenge in the financial sector. The major reason why stakeholders to financial institutions remain prone to fraud is because the system of administration is not secured and does not in any way promote privacy.

Since the introduction of blockchain, transactions have become a lot more confidential, private, and less fraudulent.

Privacy is one factor that customers crave, and this is made possible through the implementation of blockchain technology into the sector.

4. Improved performance

Since the introduction of blockchain into financial activities, a lot of financial institutions have recovered success emanating from improved performances.

Since technology takes over some roles that should have been played by humans, service became easier, smarter, and authentic.

There are general noticeable improvements since the introduction of blockchain technology into financial activities. Time management has now become a thing of lesser concern as the technology executes transactions faster and more efficiently. Naturally, humans are more prone to errors and mistakes which is one of the major challenges that is being faced by financial sectors.

5. Decentralization

This is the original nature of blockchain technology. With the technology, your transactions do not need to pass through any intermediary. It gives you direct access to your funds. There is no level of control when this platform is in use.

Closing thought

Blockchain technology when properly Incorporated into the financial sector, becomes a more reliable and comprehensive method of every form of financial dealings. It raises some level of trust in customers since they are sure to have safe, secured, and reliable financial services.

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Written by   715
2 months ago
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Thanks for this sir. But I have a question, we have some apps(I actually don't know what to call them), but they are into loaning out money to people, like Fairmoney, Binary, and even easybuy(that sells things out on loan)etc. Can we categorise them as blockchain technologies too?

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2 months ago

Blockchain may be very much the solution to most financial issues and concerns in many industries.

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2 months ago

Not all people have an idea of what blockchain is, they didn't know it can help you financially.

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2 months ago

I agree that is can be used in the financial sector. But I hope the government won't even lay a finger nor try to control it, or have some authority over it. Even it is said that blockchain is secured and decentralized, others people above can do anything to make it centralized, or at least within their control, which is bad.

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2 months ago