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Has Fed Triggered Collapse of US Dollar? ~ George Gammon … (Death of the Dollar–4) with Video

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7 months ago

The merciless genie is out of the bottle.

George Gammon –
Did Fed Just Trigger Dollar Collapse?

– Flash Points –

1 – The US dollar will collapse.
2 – Several factors show that it is well on the way to the collapse.
3 – The collapse started over 10 years ago. 

– Synopsis –

“Did the Federal Reserve just start the dollar collapse,”  asks George Gammon at the start of this vid. He answers that by walking us through the following 5 points:

1 – A currency collapse is presaged by inflation and / or hyperinflation.

2 – Over a recent 7-week period, the Fed printed $250 billion.

3 – The Fed is printing more than twice as much as in earlier rounds of quantitative easing (QE, that is, money printing). Now, it’s printing it much faster than before.

4 – Although Fed chair Jerome Powell claimed that this current round of QE would be “temporary,”  it’s clearly not  temporary. They will continue printing for “a long, long time.”

5 – Continued money-printing will cause the economy to implode. This will create a vicious cycle that will force the Fed to print even more money. Rinse and repeat.

George answers the above question with a resounding “No.”

The Fed “did not just start the dollar collapse.”   It triggered this ongoing collapse way back in 2009, when it initiated the first round of QE.

– Insight from Outside –

Since December, the Fed has been printing upwards of $2 billion per day.  

Pure Genie US 

The merciless genie is out of the bottle. The US dollar has entered into a vicious cycle from which there is no escape. As George says, the situation will get “real ugly, real fast.”  And the end will come very fast. 

Modern Monetary Stupidity 

Many of our leaders believe that the solution is modern monetary theory (MMT). Duh. MMT is simply money-printing, and even an idiot such as myself can realize the futility of such a strategy.

Clearly, this round of money-printing is not temporary. In fact, it will most likely be permanent. The Fed will never stop printing more money. Because it cannot. It’s hands are tied – probably forever.

This stupidity will continue until the entire financial system / fiat currency system collapses completely. 

(I highly recommend that you watch the video, for a clearer and more detailed overview of the dollar collapse.)

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Written by   6
7 months ago
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Thankyou for sharing this video, its very interesting.

Althrough the inflation of USD is just a symptom of the demise of the american economy. The last competitive american products was sold 10-20 years ago on the world market, since then, the usa is not able to sell any viable product on the world market in large quantities. So the biggest export item of usa is currently soy beans and oil, the economy is becoming similar to the economy of the soviet union was in the late 80s.

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7 months ago

I love George Gammon's content. It's really good.

Sidenote: "Writing" section is for writing about writing itself, i.e. about blogging, creative process of writing, how to write well.

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7 months ago